Photography gear buy/sell

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  • Optoma HD141X Projector with wall mount £100

    Tempted by this - is that a ceiling mount or can it swivel up or something?

  • How much do you want for the 18mm?

  • Both. It’s a universal projector mount that I’ve attached to a mini shelf, both removable. So you should be able to mount anywhere.

  • £650

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  • That'd be awesome, thanks. Let me know if you have the original one too.

  • Will sort pics and details and PM later

    Edit: have now PMed (Tues afternoon)

  • .

  • How have you found it?

  • Im thinking of selling some cameras, I don't think I'll be shooting film again with how costs are going, and I gather Fuji cameras are suddenly very sought after. What would be a reasonable price to sell these for?

    • Fuji Gw690ii
    • Bronica SQ-A, recently serviced. Includes speedgrip, 40mm, 80mm, and 150mm lenses, metered prism.
    • Om4Ti, black. Recently fully refurbished with new electronics. 50 and 28mm lenses.
    • Fuji X100T, black. Shutter count is around 14,000 (I think)
  • Fuji x100 stuff seems wild with pricing, I expect you'd get circa £450+ with trade (mpb) who knows with eBay probably £650ish+. They (mpb) paid £735 for my daughters x100f and listed it at £1019, its no longer there, so I assume it sold.

  • I shoot OMs a bit and have (for a long-while) fancied trying a Fuji GW so have been paying attention to those.

    Fuji Gw690ii – £550-750
    Om4Ti, black, 50 and 28mm lenses – £275-350 (assuming the lenses are the f1.4/1.8 and f2.8/3.5 and not the faster variants).

    eBay or dealer prices may be a bit higher.

  • Selling my 50 Summicron DR, £800

    One mark to the coating on the front element that doesn’t effect photos but otherwise very clean!

    Goggles included and also clean

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Photography gear buy/sell

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