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  • would anyone like this printer? its a epsom p7000 - its free. it does print green's very well for some reason. no paper but ink set inlcuded.

    Collection from SW1 - You'll need a van.

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  • Sent you a PM..

  • Just posting a link to a Fujifilm X-H2 I have on here for sale, recommend by another forum member so I hope the cross posting is okay. Thanks.­63/#comment16764225

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  • @D-Dog how much? is it just the box or the camera too? :P

  • Hi, moved this elsewhere but its brand new, with warranty, £1700 if you're interested. Thanks.

  • bit of an esoteric one, are there any lens geeks in the house that would like an optical bench....
    Yours for £30 (or less if you have an interesting/fun use for it)

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  • Next week i’m going to find the boxes and take the pics of some Canon lenses i want to shift.
    100mm 2.8 L macro which is mint, only shot a few jobs on it
    a 1.4x MkII L extender which again looks new, not sure if i even shot anything with this?
    2 extension tubes think they are 6 and 12mm, again hardly used.
    and a 90mm TS-E which has been used and was my still life workhorse, it’s the older model but is way sharper than all the other Canon lenses i owned, even had to have a different lower sharpening setting in capture one otherwise files looked bit gritty.

    I moved to Sony for the bigger files clients demanded and use it like a digital back on a Cambo Actus so this stuff is redundant, keeping the 24-70 2.8 L and a sigma FD to E adaptor for the rare occasion i have to use a camera off the tripod.

  • Did anybody reply to ghis? Are you still looking?
    I have a Benbo classic with ball-and-socket and Manfrotto heads if you're interested?

  • Thanks, but I picked up some little manfrotto portable thing a while ago which is fine for my current purposes.

  • I have the following Fuji items up for sale. All boxed with all the bits.. The two lenses are only 6 months old.. Never registered with Fuji..

    X-T30 - Camera body with XC15-45mm F/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ - strap, USB Cable, lens caps, manuals, I think around 8k clicks- £700
    Fujifilm 18mm F/1.4 R LM WR - boxed with hoods, caps, manual etc - £700
    Fujifilm XF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 R LM OIS WR - boxed with hoods, caps, manual etc - £700

    Misc items

    LB-XT30 Aluminium grip - £20
    Fujifilm to Pentax convertor K&F Concept - £20
    52mm CPL filter - £10
    52mm Variable ND - £10

    Postage on top at prob £10 per larger item, £4 each for smaller items..

  • my brother might be interested in the xt30, will get back to you

  • No probs, if you want pics or anything else, just let me know..

  • looking to buy an 35mm point and shoot for my sister as a gift. potentially a mju or similar

    budget around 100, maybe a bit more for something particularly nice :)

    anyone got something they're looking to shift?

  • I have a couple of 35mm's sitting here..

    Mui zoom 35-70mm - bit of lcd bleed to the top screen, flash doesn't work, just had a new battery fitted
    Olympus trip XB3

    £20 each + postage

  • What’s the word on Fuji lenses? Always used an 18 and 35. Mostly 18.
    Been out of the loop a while and don’t know what’s about these days. Landscape has grown massively.
    I shoot wide and close. I like being compact and non obtrusive. I tend to shoot quickly and move on.

  • Anyone got a Fuji X-H1 they are thinking of selling?

  • Fuji primes are fantastic... especially wide open.. I have a setup for sale up above if you're interested..

  • Hey, still got the Trip XB3?

  • The new 18mm is supposed to be lovely but it’s not small. I have the 16mm f2.8, it’s a great lens and very compact, if you don’t mind losing a bit of light. I used to have the f1.4 and while it was a lovely lens I never took it anywhere because it was so big.

    The f2 35mm and 23mm lenses are decent compact lenses for walking around - the 35mm is optically excellent and the 23mm is decent but not as good. There are a lot of fast manual lenses available now too - I’ve been using the Voigtlander 23mm f1.2 and it’s lovely, very classic looking rendering (albeit not pin-sharp) and a relatively easy focal length for manual focus. It’s also very compact.

  • I won't add to what's said above. Other changes with fuji are an increase in 3rd party lenses. Depending on how wide, there is now an AF version of the Samyan 12mm f2.0 along with an optically better but bigger Viltrox 13mm f1.4

  • Probably not wide enough but the 33 1.4 is really nice. I used to have the 35 F2 which is a great lens, especially for the money.

    16 1.4 is also super nice however I consider it too wide for my use.

  • On another note, I purchased a Leica Q2 yesterday. I’ve always wanted to try one and figured it’s time to give it a go. It’ll not replace my XH2 but might replace some overlapping Fuji lenses.

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Photography gear buy/sell

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