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  • The Contax G2 is the nicest camera to use I have ever owned, and the lenses are still amongst the sharpest ever made. This is a bloody bargain for someone. Good luck with the sale.

  • I'm looking for a 35mm point and shoot for my partner.

    Konica BM series, Olympus Mju, Yashica (kyocera) i.e Zoomtec etc, Rollei Prego or AFM, Nikon L35 AD etc etc etc.

  • I've got an Olympus Trip 35 if that's any good, give me a few mins I'll get some photos

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  • Great camera – have one already.

    After something more modern, early 90s and later ...

  • I have a pentax point and shoot for sale. Boxed and unused I think. Would be cheap. One of the ones with the zoom lenses, model number ends in 115 or something

  • Sounds promising, pm sent !

  • Clearing out some kit to make way for new.

    • Nikon D800 body with original box - £600
    • Nikon AF-S 24-70mm 2.8G ED with original box - £600
    • Nikon AF-S 50mm 1.8G with original box - £90
    • Nikon Speedlight SB900 with original box - £100
    • Fujifilm X100T (black) with original box - £500

    Located south west London but can post.
    Any questions just message.

  • Nikon AF-S 50mm 1.8G

    I'll take this, will PM

  • Wanted:

    Nikon 50mm 1.8 afs (like the one sold above)
    Macro prime lens in the 90-120mm range, AF (internal motor prefered but not essential)
    (Nikon 105mm, Tokina 100mm, Tamron 90mm, etc. that sort of thing)

    Anyone have anything they wish to part with?

  • Before it goes on eBay, anyone want this Minolta SRT 303 body I got in a lot from a Flints auction some time ago? It has a few issues:

    1. The light seals and mirror bumper foam need to be replaced - the latter is a bit more important because it's almost certainly the cause of what seems to be a typical 303 issue where the mirror sticks up occasionally when using the very lowest couple of shutter speeds. The other speeds don't appear to cause this and seem accurate.
    2. I actually posted about it when it happened but I dropped it when unpacking it and put a thumbprint on the mirror. It's cosmetic but a bit annoying, but I guess better than it slamming off the floor.
    3. The film advance lever is missing its little plastic tip. I've seen them available on eBay but depends how much it bothers you.

    Otherwise it seems like it's OK - pretty dusty and has a spot of brassing on one side but the leatherette is in good shape with no shrinkage. The light meter is alive and the needle reacts to changes in light but I can't speak to the accuracy - the auction house left an alkaline battery in there which obviously isn't the ideal thing long term for an accurate reading, but if you have your own meter it's mechanical anyway, or get a suitable hearing aid battery etc.
    Say £35 plus a fiver for postage? Or if you live in north London you can pick up from me in Finsbury Park area if you'd rather. More pictures are here:

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  • anyone after a Sigma 50-200mm f/4.0-5.6 OS HSM DC Lens - Canon EF-S Fit?

    have owned since new and barely used it. overall in good condition, no marks/scratches/fungus on the glass

    60 quid?

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  • Would have had that if it was EF (full frame) rather than EF-S

  • What happened of this? Great price but got a G1 body already, might be interested in the 45mm/28mm

  • Anyone interested in a Leica M8 that is in mostly great condition, except the screen protector is cracked (i tried to get said screen protector off but it seemed very stuck..) and/or a Zeiss biogon 28mm F2.8

    2 batteries, 1 original 1 third party

  • keen on biogon! how much sir?

  • Maybe too late now, but I've been meaning to sell all my nikon stuff and have a Tamron 90mm.

  • was hoping to get 1000 for the pair, so maybe 350?

  • will take!

  • its yours provided no one wants the pair by this time tomorrow ;)

  • I may be interested in that if Dethbeard isn't.

  • Sorry, totally forgot to check back here. I'll try and dig out all my Nikon stuff in next few days and put it up here. It's a great lens. I went over to Sony and replaced it with a much more expensive macro, but generally I think I got better pictures with the Tamron.

  • I am still looking.

    I think we may have had this conversation a year or so ago!

    I get ideas in my head then forget all about them.

  • That sounds entirely possible.
    Am reluctant to sell my Nikon stuff just because I really liked using it.
    But realistically am very unlikely to use it again, so I should.
    I will do a proper for sale thread shortly.

  • Any interested in this Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM. Comes with back and front cap, alongside a cheap LTM screw to M mount bayonet adaptor.

    Seen them around £100/150 without adaptor so I'll take £75 posted within the UK

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  • I might be selling my Nikon full frame D610 and some optics like the Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8

    I'll be back home tonight and will decide which lenses to let go with the body. I'll also take pics and share price, but testing the waters here

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Photography gear buy/sell

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