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  • ught it from @Saffronspokes just over two years ago. I've enjoyed using it immensely, but I'd like to get a camera with RAW support, and with interchange


    If you're after something with RAW, great optics and a small(ish) size, I've got a RX1 I don't use enough to justify....

  • It took me about 3 months to stumble across the flip up viewfinder, and another 6 months to randomly trigger the pop-up flash, so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Regardless, there's a few other things I'm looking for as well, which this camera doesn't have

  • It's probably out of my price point unfortunately

  • Im sure mine shoots raw, should all sell that too used it about 3 years ago.

  • It has. However, of course, no interchangeable lenses

  • Yep, I was thinking more about for people buying it.

  • Any interest in a 7Artisans 35mm f1.4 in Leica M mount?

    Easily adapted to fit a host of mirrorless cameras and because the film (sensor) plane to lens flange is pretty short on the Leica the adapters don't add much bulk like the ones for SLR lenses do.

    No box but front and back caps are present and the lens is pretty much in mint condition.

    I bought it from Harrison Cameras along with a Leica body on the 20th of last month. At the time I thought I wanted a really fast lens and looked at the options and for my budget it came down to this and the Voigltander Nokton which got pretty crap reviews on a couple places so I went with this.

    It turns out thought that I've not really used the large aperture like I thought I would so I fancy trading some of that speed for a smaller form factor plus I was holding money back for a longer lens and ended up buying another 7Artisans (the 75mm) which meant I didn't blow my wad so have just treated myself to a brand new Voigtlander Color Skopar pancake lens.

    Cost me £225 plus some postage, I'd like £200 posted for it.

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  • Hmm, depending on the price I'd be interested

  • Would anyone be interested in this Contax G2? I no longer use it enough to justify keeping it. Used it last weekend to check it's all in working order and it works great. Everything you see in the picture can be yours. So the body, 3 lenses (biogon f2.8 28mm, planar f/2 45mm and sonnar f/2.8 90mm) & flash in the original pouch.

    2 of the lenses have UV filters, 1 lens has its original pouch, and there is a hood that fits on all three lenses.

    The kit is missing one front lens cap, one back lens cap and the body cap for the camera.

    It's in overall great condition - the lenses are optically all in great condition. There are a few little scuffs here and there to be expected with its age and nothing that affects its function (the LCD display is still perfect for example.)

    Have other pics if interested too.

    I live in Denmark so can either post within EU or will be in London at the beginning of September so could organise a handover or deliver from there too.

    Was thinking £1200 for the whole kit. Does that sound reasonable? Based on rudimentary research online seems competitive.


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  • IMO this camera shouldnt be sold to anyone who knows you

  • I don't know you... interested?!

  • i mean on forums etc where there is a little more accountability than on ebay/to a shop :)

    they are good cameras and the price is good too

  • Really want this and know I should. Do you have any recent images out it?

  • Here are a few i took 2 weeks back - shot on Kodacolor 200 - no scanner so you'll have to excuse the picture of pictures!

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  • Updating my list from earlier and knocked some prices down:

    Olympus OM10 & 50mm 1.4 - £90
    Bronica SQ-A & 80mm 2.8, with two backs - £550
    Voigtlander Bessa L - £110
    Argus C3 - £30
    Olympus Pen D3 - £120
    Olympus Pen F & 40mm 1.4 with a slightly sticky aperture - £150
    Voigtlander Color Skopar 35 f2.5 LTM boxed - £300

  • New condition camera bag for sale.
    Lowe Pro Trekker BP450 AWII (I know catchy name right) I’ve used once for a shoot and when I arrived on location there were plenty of other bags so I kept this one at the hotel instead of getting it all grubby.
    It’s an awesome bag with space for laptop, filter pouches plenty of padding inserts etc.
    Here’s a link to it:­-pro-trekker-bp-450-aw-ii-grey-backpack_­9364512g?of_tid=MFRWG5B5GM3TMJTGMVSWISLE­HUYSM4DSN5SESZB5GIZDONQ&adGroupId=902642­89886&device=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI76v7j_D­H8gIVC7TtCh3C6g2nEAQYBiABEgK4JvD_BwE

    Bought it in Dec of 2020 looking for £150

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  • Olympus Pen F & 40mm 1.4 with a slightly sticky aperture - £150

    Really don't need another camera but... have you got some pics please?

  • A Pen F is not "just" another camera :-)
    It's an half frame camera, so you do need it. As I'm sure you need an another bike too.

  • have sent u a pm!

  • Oh hey sorry totally missed this, here you go.

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  • ^

    those look so classy

  • Might be selling my Leica M3 Double stroke. Great condition, amazing, bright finder. Would anyone be into it?

  • Anyone selling a bridge camera, or something with an excellent zoom? GF wants another and it's her birthday end of September.

  • Thinking again of selling my FujiFilm Xpro 1 with Fujifilm XF 18mm f2 lens.
    1100 shooter count, body is pretty much in mint condition maybe few small scuffs.
    Non original charger and original battery with all boxes and papers, fuji lens hood and both caps + couple memory cards.
    All in all camera is in perfect condition and works perfectly fine as its not used much as intended.
    Worth mentioning lens has few specs of dust but that how it was last year when i bought it from wex.
    I will do and upload pictures tomorrow. Looking for around 500 gbp
    Pm if interested and we can discuss more.

    Worth mentioning I'm in London but can send it for free anywhere in the UK.

  • I stupidly bought the wrong size filter for a new lens, so anyone want a new (packet opened but filter never used) Hoya HD UV 55mm filter for a DSLR? Happy to post for free if you can make a forum donation.­al-Screw-Filter/dp/B001G7PMLI

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Photography gear buy/sell

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