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  • I might have some (Portra 400) 35mm.

  • Can’t believe this hasn’t been snapped up. The OM1 means it’s a rare early one. Later were OM1n. Ppl gassing over Leicas … just buy this.

    These are lovely compact, manual cameras with a good, clean viewfinder.

    The brassing is nice too :)

  • its smaller than leica too

  • Yes although arguably not as nicely weighted

    That’s literally what it comes down to. £1000 for weight distribution lol.

  • Ihr habt wirklich überhaupt keine Ahnung.

  • Ihr habt wirklich überhaupt keine Ahnung.

    I own and have used both for years. Get fucked mattress boi.

  • Hi all,

    Got a couple of bits that may be of use to someone?

    Godox Flash Gun ( works really well with Fuji x series) - £45
    This one:­N56B12/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s0­0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Perfect condition, comes with all the bits. Seems like a good bit of kit - I bought it to use for a job and haven’t used since so passing on..

    Tide Cinesoft Filter 67mm - £23 - + Urth x Gobe 67mm Lens Filter Cap case­C4F282/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie­=UTF8&psc=1


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  • It will hopefully have a new owner very soon :) They really are fantastic little cameras and the lenses are super affordable too (unless you want a 40mm f2 drools). Would love one of the early M-1's before they had to add the 'O' to the name.

    Haha not just the nicely weighted-ness, dont forget that buttery smooth advance lever..gotta be worth at least £500!

  • Hello you lot.
    Not my usual thread but my partner is in need.

    Does anyone have a 77mm NX-10 Circular Polariser Filter that they are willing to get rid of in the next day or two?

    She will need hers for a gig on Monday but has just stepped on it.

  • Anyone want a Ricoh L-20 dateback flim camera?

    Yours for free or less.

  • Proper long shot I know but my flat was broken into whilst I was away last week and whoever it was took my film cameras. If anyone sees these for sale let me know:

    Mamiya ZE (unfortunately I have no serial number for this but haven't seen many around)
    Rollei 35T (number on back is 6328713)
    Olympus XA-2 (again no number unfortunately but I stuck the focus distances on the back cover)
    Olympus Trip (number on top is 5290657)
    Canon AE1 Programme (number on top is 3640381)


  • Hey,

    I'm doing a bit of a massive clear out of cameras, let me know if anyone's interested in something and I can provide some photos and more details etc:

    Olympus OM10 & 50mm 1.4 - £100
    Bronica SQ-A & 80mm 2.8, with two backs - £600
    Fuji GL690 & 100mm 3.5 & 65mm 5.6 - £400
    Voigtlander Bessa L - £110
    Argus C3 - £30
    Olympus Pen D3 - £130
    Olympis Pen F & 40mm 1.4 with a slightly sticky aperture - £170
    Nikon F4 & 50mm 1.8 & 35-70mm 2.8 - £350
    Fuji X-E3 & 23mm f2 XR - £500

  • Some cracking stuff! Wish I was more flush RN.

  • in fact if @cagimaha doesn’t take fuji 690, i will pending condition.

  • Dibs 690 pending pics and condition

  • Interested in the Fuji X-E3 pending pics

  • Here you go. Had it about a year, with the EF-X8 flash. That's just dust on the screen, not scratches!

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  • So the GL is an interesting one, it’s rather fucked cosmetically but mechanically it’s all perfectly sound and working fine. Both lenses are fungus free, some separation in the back of the 65 but it hasn’t effected image quality.

    I've got the 35mm mask and 120 converters so you can live out your extra wide XPAN fantasy

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  • Photo of the 65

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  • Nice! Will pm to arrange payment and pickup

  • Got my D750 that im going to sell over the next week.

    Will list with pictures and stuff when i get a chance.

  • Looking for an Olympus lens for m4/3, a 25mm f1.7 or 17mm f1.8 ideally in silver if anyone has one they'd like to sell?

  • Would anyone be interested in my Sony RX100 iv - it's a great little camera which is versatile and very comfortable to hold and use.

    I bought it from @Saffronspokes just over two years ago. I've enjoyed using it immensely, but I'd like to get a camera with RAW support, and with interchangeable lenses.

    It would come with a Sony leather case, which is in excellent condition, as is the camera.

    I'd be looking for £350 shipped from Edinburgh

    More photos here

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  • I'd like to get a camera with RAW support

    I'm pretty certain this has RAW support.

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Photography gear buy/sell

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