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  • I might have some (Portra 400) 35mm.

  • Can’t believe this hasn’t been snapped up. The OM1 means it’s a rare early one. Later were OM1n. Ppl gassing over Leicas … just buy this.

    These are lovely compact, manual cameras with a good, clean viewfinder.

    The brassing is nice too :)

  • its smaller than leica too

  • Yes although arguably not as nicely weighted

    That’s literally what it comes down to. £1000 for weight distribution lol.

  • Ihr habt wirklich überhaupt keine Ahnung.

  • Ihr habt wirklich überhaupt keine Ahnung.

    I own and have used both for years. Get fucked mattress boi.

  • Hi all,

    Got a couple of bits that may be of use to someone?

    Godox Flash Gun ( works really well with Fuji x series) - £45
    This one:­N56B12/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s0­0?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Perfect condition, comes with all the bits. Seems like a good bit of kit - I bought it to use for a job and haven’t used since so passing on..

    Tide Cinesoft Filter 67mm - £23 - + Urth x Gobe 67mm Lens Filter Cap case­C4F282/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie­=UTF8&psc=1


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  • It will hopefully have a new owner very soon :) They really are fantastic little cameras and the lenses are super affordable too (unless you want a 40mm f2 drools). Would love one of the early M-1's before they had to add the 'O' to the name.

    Haha not just the nicely weighted-ness, dont forget that buttery smooth advance lever..gotta be worth at least £500!

  • Hello you lot.
    Not my usual thread but my partner is in need.

    Does anyone have a 77mm NX-10 Circular Polariser Filter that they are willing to get rid of in the next day or two?

    She will need hers for a gig on Monday but has just stepped on it.

  • Anyone want a Ricoh L-20 dateback flim camera?

    Yours for free or less.

  • Proper long shot I know but my flat was broken into whilst I was away last week and whoever it was took my film cameras. If anyone sees these for sale let me know:

    Mamiya ZE (unfortunately I have no serial number for this but haven't seen many around)
    Rollei 35T (number on back is 6328713)
    Olympus XA-2 (again no number unfortunately but I stuck the focus distances on the back cover)
    Olympus Trip (number on top is 5290657)
    Canon AE1 Programme (number on top is 3640381)


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Photography gear buy/sell

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