Photography gear buy/sell

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  • 18 - 55?
    55 - 200?
    Maybe even the 16 - 50 XC?

  • I'm afraid I don't have any of those, closest thing I could consider is the 16-55 2.8.

    I'm Italy based however so that might pose a challenge in terms of getting it across.

  • I really want to try a Leica, anybody selling one? Something like an M2 maybe? Cheap and cheerful, no bother about cosmetic conditions as long as it works.

  • I don't think anyones ever use the term 'cheap and cheerful' to refer to a Leica before! haha

    Someone I know got a relatively good deal on a Leica at red dot camera recently

  • Haha, I'm just an optimistic! It's a tool at the end of the day, but some sellers just take advantage of people with their prices. Have you seen the urban outfitters second hand film cameras? £250+ for an Olympus trip 35.

    Is there such a thing as sub 1k Leica?

    This is the only Leica price I want to pay -­/8386-leica-m2-anttrappe-50mm-summicron-­f2-display-camera.html

  • It’s so mad they sell the brick display ones! Must be for movie props/parts or something.

    You should look into getting a Minolta CLE - it was a coop between Leica and Minolta in the 70s/80s. Definitely has a Leica ‘feel’ and the shooting experience and results are very comparable! (And far more forgiving) Lenses are leica m mount so it’s great if you ever take the plunge into full leica world. You can usually pick them up for under £1000 with lens easy!

  • I paid £750 for my M2 from red dot camera a few months back which was cheaper than eBay etc. Plus it came serviced and with a warranty so there’s are some good deals out there if you’re willing to wait/ continuously search google haha.

  • I paid 300 for my M4 with a damaged curtain then 500 to have it repaired......

  • @Willie I'll have a further look on them. Have heard but never really explore it in detail.

    @laurenced that's the sort of thing I'm after. I'm in no rush so I'll keep an eye out.

    @mi7rennie good price, I remember you saying about buying a cheap Leica but needed repair.

  • Anyone selling an older Fuji x series (x-t10/20 etc.) and an xf 27mm f2.8? Would also buy just the body or lens if anyone has them going. Looking for a cheapish, small setup for on the bike.

  • Not sure if they still do, but wex had some mega cheap 20's. Clearing stock I expect.

  • Cheers for the heads up, seems like they're all out now unfortunately

  • I have a 55-200. Bought in Feb 2020 just before lockdown, which means it has seen no action at all. PM me if you are interested

  • You may have seen I was selling a Nikon d3000 with 18-55 lens a little while ago, well it turns out it's got a constant "lens not attached" error. Anyone want it free? Could post for the cost of postage (£10) or pick up in NW10.

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  • Anybody selling a Leica mount 40/50mm lens?

  • Broken GR available for free, may be useful for spares. Lens is stuck out, considered beyond economical repair. Also (sketchy) batteries and charger being chucked out. Ideally collect from Ealing. Thanks


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Photography gear buy/sell

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