Photography gear buy/sell

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  • I did think about the X100V, but with kids and trips with them, having the convenience of a zoom lens to fit and forget is more practical. If I were just shooting for myself on the streets, the X100V would have been my first choice.

  • Quick forum question - is there a go-to website for pricing second-hand lenses?
    I've accumulated a few Canon EF-S lenses over time, not sure whether its worth getting a new Canon body or trading it all in for something else. Thanks.

  • ffordes, MBP

  • It’s always worth getting a quote from a few places to compare, I would add Wex to the list.

  • Fixation do trade in.

  • Thanks all

  • Thinking of selling my FujiFilm Xpro 1 with Fujifilm XF 18mm f2 lens.
    1100 shooter count, body is pretty much in mint condition.
    Non original charger and original battery with all boxes and papers, fuji lens hood and both caps.
    All in all camera is in perfect condition and works perfectly fine. Worth mentioning lens has few specs of dust but that how it was last year when i bought it from wex.
    I will do and upload pictures tomorrow. Looking for around 500 gbp
    Pm if interested.

  • anyone have a Jupiter 9 lens for sale? drop me a message if so

  • I've settled on switching the camera body (Canon 450d ---> 200d) gives a decent IQ and noise bump. Definitely not as nice as a Fuji mirrorless would be but this is compact and saves the spendies.

    I haven't tried a Canon 50mm f/1.8 yet - If anyone has one not being used, I'd be interested in a purchase.

  • I have an almost absolutely mint F2 in my possession. Sadly, after selling my other F2, I no longer have any lenses. I can't bring myself to use this (I'd not want to scratch it) and I don't really use film SLRs anymore, more about rangefinders. But I'm sad to say goodbye to it because many of the remaining F2s seem to have actually been used quite a lot. This thing I don't think has even been screwed into a tripod before, by the look of it... would anyone be interested before I take it to the camera forums/ebay?

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  • goddam I literally just bought one of those at rrp

  • would be interested, pm'd

  • Yes I’d be interested if still available

  • Love these heavy lumps of metal. Great things.

  • If anyone wants the F2 (with leather case, also in good nick), I was going to list up for £250. But open to offers/LFGSS discount.

    My last one I sold years ago for £185 and it was a beater compared to this.

  • They are a joy to use. Feel like a pro photographer from the 1970s. But my weedy arms prefer lightweight cameras, and I've also got an F3 I want to try for a bit (not that I have any lenses for it either...)

  • Sorely tempted. But I have F photomic ftn that I rarely use and needs a CLA - is Sover Wong still the go-to bloke for these (expecting a hefty bill and a long wait, if I do send it)? GLWS

  • Is the photomic head broken? Buy a plain prism. I prefer F’s without a meter, more compact (lol), and you can meter with a phone or sunny16 and let the film latitude and scanning (if applicable) take the strain for exposure.

  • Is the photomic head broken?

    If I recall... (it's been that long since I got it out - partly why I want someone more skilled and knowledgeable to have a look at it) Foams might need replacing also (should be an easy-ish job?).

    Also begs the question if I haven't used it in that long, do I still need/want it... (I emphasise this is not fishing for bids)

  • I agree. And plain prism Fs seem to be generally desirable.

  • Does anyone have any interest in either of these?

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  • Is the 35mm full frame?

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Photography gear buy/sell

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