Photography gear buy/sell

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  • Sure! Send me a pm

  • Bracketing is your friend, on 35mm anyway. I also found it helps to guess at your exposure settings then check on a meter or camera and see how close you are. I think you'll surprise yourself.

  • Ok, please someone buy my mju II, now priced without hipster tax at £155 posted..... would make a lovely Christmas present 🎄 🎁­

  • There can be difficulties focusing manually in low light but Rangefinders (with viewfinders un-affected by lens brightness) are better than SLRs for that. Less shutter slap too, so generally great for hand held, low light.

    If anything I find bright, directional light can sometimes wash out the focusing patch.

    Metering in low light is no different to any other level. I do use a handheld meter for ambient readings to get a ballpark. Phone apps can do the same.

  • Looking raise some funds for some repairs by selingl some some cameras that are not getting used/have duplicates/similar to others, all in working conditions, some might have small issues but with upload all the details and images if there is interest.

    List so far its;

    Canon 300x (body only )
    Canon Prima 5
    Olympus XA
    Olympus MJU II
    Ricoh R1

  • Did you ever sell this?

  • Anyone got a spare charger for a cannon 350d and the standard zoom lens :)

  • There was a universal charger that Jessops used to sell (like, a decade ago). If it’s still available may be cheaper than OEM. Made/branded by Hama or something.

  • Thinking looking second hand. Doubt the camera is worth much if given away for free.

  • Had a look...Hahnel. Not Hama. They always worked fine when I worked there. Price hasn’t changed either. Used on ebay is megacheap.

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  • That looks scary, wondering if it can do my sony point and shoot...


  • Two dials move the two battery contact points. We used to use them on everything without complaint

  • I still use a 350d, I got a pentax k adaptor to use my old lenses from my pentax me in full manual mode. Worth it for the lols and the dirt cheap old lenses which are perfectly usable.

  • Have a Sony alpha 350? Also have a camedia e20, a fixed lens dslr but with wide and telephoto lens to screw on the front. Don't use them either.

    Even lost the carge usb cable for my sony point and shoot.

    And the on off switch is flucked on fujifilm camera.

    Looking to get rid of all my film cameras as there is no point in keeping them as Im not using them. Still have film in my Diana that is at least 2 years and still haven't finished it.

  • Interesting point - how does anyone find shooting dimly lit scenes/ wide open lenses with a manual camera? It's not something I'd really thought about, thinking f2 or below.

    Something I've done a bit with a Canon P and 50 1.8. I've found 1.8 1/60 or 1/125 at ISO1600 (pushed HP5) is good enough for most cities at night, as long as your subject is lit. Either using the rangefinder to focus, or prefocusing.

  • I'd say tripod or resting on something using the shutter timer

  • anyone got any old nikon manual focus lenses they'd like to part with?

    mostly looking for ai/ais series primes :)

  • At a guess the top one has gone from ebay.

  • It was for reference, to know what to look for

  • Just an FYI if anyone's looking for a nice Sony E Mount lens for their A6xxx series cameras. Selling my 30mm Sigma 1.4, as i just don't use it anymore since picking up the 19mm.­92/#comment15782668

  • Ah, thnaks.

    Ordered one lets see.

  • Anyone got any AF lenses that would work on the new F4 I just got? Just got the 35-70 f2.8 based on Ken Rockwell's recommendation, anything else? The 50 1.4 and 85 1.8 are both already on the list.

  • I've used the 50 1.8 af-d on my F4, it's dirt cheap and I've not felt the need for the 1.4 version.

    PS. I love the F4

  • It really depends on what sort of stuff you shoot mostly and whether you're happy doing that with the (good, but big and heavy) zoom, or if you are going to take 1-2 prime lenses instead.

    The classic AF lenses are great, can't go wrong with them really.
    If you get the 50/1.4 I'd suggest finding one with the larger, more rubbery manual focus ring on the front (not the first gen with the thin plastic ring).
    The 85/1.8 is awesome as well for portraits etc.

    Personally I'd definitely get a 35mm for everyday use. The 35/f2 is really good.
    For this (and anything wider) I'd ask myself though whether I really want / need this to be AF.
    Just because your camera can do autofocus doesn't mean you will use it all the time; depending on what you shoot a manual focus lens might be nicer to handle, cheaper, etc. when it comes to wide angles.. likely you'll just pre-set the focus anyway when depth of field is covered and focus more on your framing etc. - just a thought.

    Have fun with the F4, great camera!

  • Yeah the size isn't too much of an issue, if I want something smaller I'd just use a different camera. Blasted a roll already, AF and Program mode is nice haha

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Photography gear buy/sell

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