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  • Still can’t believe that we used to swap Mju’s and II’s like disposables, and thought that £25 for one was steep.

  • Just to update my last post. The MJU I is now sold.

  • This
    I was about to say you can still get AF1-mini for £5 with the same lens as mju 1
    I just checked ebay and see that the price has shot up on these too and £30 is a good price for them now!

  • Demand and supply due to social media hype. Still a fair price to the forum considering online mjus I are £100+ more or less now a days and mju II £250+ As mentioned, happy to listen to offers.

    All film cameras are going up on price due to popularity and how rare they are getting. A few years ago you could pick a bronica ETRs/Mamiya 645 for around £200. You cant find one under £350 anymore.

  • Just to be clear, I was not criticising your prices, just commenting on the fact that you need to work quite hard to stay ahead of the social media hype to find the sort of thing you can buy for peanuts and not care if it gets dropped, lost rained or sat on ... nowadays I guess this would be something like a canon sprint

  • Yea this isn’t about your prices, it’s about current prices in general.

    Bear in mind 15 years ago I was swapping Leica and Canon LTM lenses for less than those Mju’s cost today, so I really kick myself I sold everything when I did.

  • Apologies if I came across defensive, and I totally agree with what both of you have said.

    Its due to prices going up and me wanting a new camera and CLA for another that I must sell the mjus.

  • I've not used their framing before but DS Colour labs based in Stockport produce great C type lustre prints for a fraction of the price of any of the London printers.
    I can also recommend Jackson and Lee Framing in Hoxton if you decided on saving and having a two stop shop.

  • Yeah, keeping ahead of 35mm compacts especially is crazy. Konica BM (a while back), now even Ricoh ff-70s, even the Sure Shot. Still some cheaper ones selling like PC35af, yashica minitec AF (less so now that people have realised it may have the same lens as the yashica t series)

  • Anybody interested in the MJU 2 before I get it on eBay? I'll chuck in a roll of film to get you going!

  • is anyone selling a scanner atm? ideally looking for something like the v550 :)

    scanned some negs the other day using the epson 2450 i got given years ago, and realised i need an upgrade. all my recent lab scans have spoilt me

  • Still can’t believe that we used to swap Mju’s and II’s like disposables, and thought that £25 for one was steep.

    Mad - I flogged one on here a few years back for £15.

  • Why not ThePrintSpace?

  • I flogged one on here a few years back for £15. now it's being flogged back at you for £150 if you like


  • Any interest in a Ricoh GR Digital IV?

    I bought it from the forum 2 years ago and have used it only a handful of times as it doesn’t really suit my needs.

    Original for sale thread here.

    Comes with all the gubbins; batteries, case, charger, card etc. I never got the leather case though.

    Would like to get what I paid back for it which was £260 plus shipping.

  • Did the mju 2 sell in the end?

  • Auction on eBay finished this morning.

  • Ah. Mind if i ask what it went for?

  • £140 plus postage. But I did listed it to end at 8am on a Sunday was probably not the best timing.

    Edit - it does cover the CLA for the rolleicord V which it's what I needed to free cash for.

  • I have a mju II for sale, I've looked at every one selling and sold on eBay right now and it seems cleaner and in better condition than any of them.
    It comes with original strap and leather soft case, case is worn on the edges but perfectly serviceable. I'd like £200 but will take some Campag 9 or 10 speed brifters in part ex, or some compact cranks.
    Can be seen/tested/collected in Ealing/Brentford or possibly Hammersmith.

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  • Any fujis for sale? Xe2 , xe3

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Photography gear buy/sell

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