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  • Do you have any pictures please?

  • Here you go, I do have one more back for it but don't have a photo right now.

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  • All sorted now . Thank you though

  • Hi, quick post to gauge interest ... have a Rolleiflex 6006 that I am not using as much as I used to. Ideally I would sell, but also might be interested to swap for a point and shoot digital like a Ricoh Giii or something of a similar calibre. Also on the wishlist is a Contax G1 / 2 / 3 ...

    Rolleiflex 6006
    Rollei 80mm HFT 2.8
    120 6x6 back + Polaroid back
    2 batteries + charger

  • Anyone want a cheap P&S? Pretty sure it worked last time I fired it up. Bit of a timecapsule set, case and instructions. Β£10+p&p?

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  • I'm after a preferably leather strap for a TLR camera. Anybody got anything no longer needed? Or soemthing decent online?

  • I modified a leather dog leash for my xpro3. Was about a fiver all in. Might work for you as well.

  • could be yes

  • Selling my Leica 50mm f2 M mount collapsible lens, as I want to get the rigid 50 for no reason other than I think it looks a bit nicer. All in good condition, will post some photos when I get home from work. Glass is in good condition, as is the rest of the lens body.

    I think around Β£400 makes sense? Cheaper than I can see any on eBay atm...

  • Just saw this; great price, I have one as well. Lovely lens.

  • printing and framing question; other than The Print Space who else should I look at as one stop shop where I upload files and get frame print in the post?

  • Think my dad just got some prints from Metro Imagining in Barbican, dunno what they do about postage or anything like that though

  • Just wanted to check if anyone on here is interested in my x-mount Mitakon 35mm f0.95 ?

    Will put it up on the local boards / ebay but thought I'd give you lot first refusal

    More info here:Β­/22/mitakon-35mm-f0-95-mk2-review/

  • ..why are you selling it if you don't mind me asking?

  • Don't get along with the manual focus. Or rather, I can't be bothered with it. It's literally zero hassle with the focus peaking function, but I just end up using my 23mm (35mm) lens instead. So I think I'm better off with with the fujinon 35 (50) instead.

    I'll miss the narrow D.O.F though, it's so so nice, but if it doesn't get used I can't justify keeping it

  • ..fair enough! πŸ™‚

  • X2 for metro Imaging but don’t know about framing

  • Perfect previous gen mini mac for sale. Runs lightroom CC or photoshop well. Only selling as I have a new laptop.

    Keyboard and mouse included.Β­36/#comment15584326

  • Hi

    Would anyone be interested in an X100T? Thought I'd check here before I go to LCE for a quote.

    The camera condition is pretty much mint - from memory, the battery doesn't hold a charge very well but Im pretty sure I have a couple more. Comes with full leather fuji case (ridiculously overpriced)

    I'm probably around Β£250 but will see if I have the box/anything else to chuck in!

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  • Loxley are amazing and im sure they offer framing but I might be wrong as Ive always used another place.

  • Not exactly high end photographic, but does anyone have a fuji instax printer they want to sell?

  • Bronica Price drop to Β£700!

  • Got the following for sale -

    Olympus MJU I - good working and cosmetic conditions. Comes with an Olympus case and strap - Β£70 SOLD

    Olympus MJU II - good working conditions, body has marks/scratches but overall ok. Comes with strap no case. - Β£150

    Canon Sure Shot Max / Prima 5 - great cosmetic and working conditions. Comes with strap and case. -Β£40

    All prices includes postage within the UK - I'll get some images if there is any interest. Happy to listen to offers also.

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Photography gear buy/sell

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