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  • Obviously people can post in classifieds with camera gear but I thought so as it doesn't get lost amongst bike stuff or other off topic sales, we can collect or just post in a thread under the photography sub forum, people can follow the thread and then not miss anything.
    I see a lot of posts in the digi and non digi threads so maybe it'll keep those clear for posting images and discussion.
    Post away

  • Let me start this off :)

    Voigtlander 21mm f1.8 Ultron M mount lens for sale. Bought new in May 2015. Metabones M to Sony E adapter available.

    Price 750 euro.

  • Great idea for a thread!

    Anyone selling a Fuji X100T?

  • I am after a Nikon AF 50mm, preferably f1.4 and super cheap.

  • Looking to sell some of my micro four thirds kit to fund a Sony A99 body.

    Panasonic Lumix GX1 body, with two batteries, strap and charger - £120
    Panasonic Lumix LVF2 Viewfinder - £80
    Panasonic Lumix G X PZ 14-42 mm F 3,5-5,6 POWER ZOOM O.I.S. Pancake Lens - £100
    Panasonic Lumix 45-200mm H-FS045200 Telephoto Zoom - £180
    Metz 36 AF-5 Flash - £40
    Cable release / intervalometer - £10
    Wireless trigger - £15
    Lumix DMC TZ6 superzoom compact camera - £35

    As you can see this all fits nicely in this smallish shoulder bag and is a really versatile camera setup. Prices up thread or £500 for the lot including the bag and postage.

    Located near Dundee so most of you will need these posted.

    PM me if you are interested.

    Link to thread below with pictures.

  • anyone selling a Nikon 35mm f/1.8 for cheap?

  • 1 sounds like a cool idea. Here's my previous post for my stuff­5/#comment12832680

    Selling my trusty camera that has been used occasionally. It's not getting much use since I got my canon 6D last xmas.
    Price : £800
    Collection from N7 8GB

    So here's the full list
    Nikon D7000
    Neweer Battery Grip
    2x Battery : 1900mAh/ EN-EL15 1900mAh
    Speedlight SB-600 Flashgun
    Nikkor Lens AFS DX 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G VR With hood - China
    Nikon 55-200mm VR AF-S f/4-5.6G ED with hood - China
    AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED with hood - Thailand
    Nikon 50mm f/1.8 (1986 version) Made in japan
    Nikon 35mm f/1.8 DX with hood - China
    Nikon 28mm f/2.8 AF-D (1994) Made in Japan

    I can include a cheapo tripod and my old camera backpack. Lenses are clean as a whistle. No dusts inside or molds whatsoever. Been in a smoke free home and been taken care of. Never used under wet conditions. Only used as a 2nd camera hence the low shutter count. Am no photographer or any of the sort, I just do it as a hobby.

  • I'm Looking for a Fujica GW690 or mamiya6/7 has anyone got anything?

  • Are you looking for one or are you asking us if we want one?

  • have a lot of photo stuff lying around maybe some of you are interested.
    i will just list hem. if anyone is interested in anything let me know

    Crumpler camera strap "the industry disgrace" model
    remote control model mc-dc2 (i think its for Nikon)
    Godox Remote control model EZa-N3
    Olympus OM-1 with Zuiko 50mm lens (mint condition)
    2 Sony A7 series batteries with charger
    B+W 52mm ND 10 stop filter
    2x Pocket wizard Plus III in box (used maybe 5 times)
    Canon FD 135mm 3.5 lens
    M42-Nex adaptor
    Canon FD - Nex adaptor
    Leica M - Sony FE Metabones adaptor
    2x Gordy Leather Strap (black with red) the one that screws on the bottom of the camera
    Leicatime Luigi leather strap - Natural aged brown - new
    Artisan and Artist Acam 108 Khaki - new (but fitted on camera)
    Crumpler Pyjama Pride camera bag (its pretty big so shipping maybe a tad expensive)

  • canon 135mm FD can you send me some pictures/prices

  • its this one. i'll try and get a pic later, its nice and clean and i have both caps. Price 30 posted

    1 Attachment

    • FD135mmf35BobBartonB.jpg
  • Properly decided on selling my Leica Summicron-M 35mm f/2 v.4 1990-92
    Glass is flawless and all movements are smooth
    Both Leica and Red Dot Cameras valued it at £1200 - £1300 but I want £1100 so it hopefully goes a bit quicker
    Original caps and clip on hood as well as a Leica UVa filter

  • Accepting trades? :)

  • Need the money or I wouldn't be selling I'm afraid

  • i would gladly sell my two voigtlanders to get it but..

  • I know these kind of bags are not really in fashion these days... but would anyone like these? I bought them years ago on here and they have sat in their tags and bags, sad an unused. I just never really was that kind of photographer. Kata brand, later taken over by Manfrotto. Black outside with plenty of protection, yellow insides (for easy location of stuff).

    • Panorama-U is a neoprene-y shoulder/over-the-shoulder and holds your laptop, assorted personal gadgety items, and camera kit. (old BH link)
    • C-59 is more like canvas outside and has decent space for camera or video cam. Extra pockets at back and sides, can be worn over-the-shoulder or as a waist-pack. (old BH link)

    The most action they have seen is being taken out to the garden just now... would be great if someone can take them. Can meet/deliver in London within reason.

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    • C_inside_.jpg
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    • P_back_.jpg
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    • P_front_.jpg
  • While we're on bags... I have a colleague who wants to sell his Lowepro Trekker bag.

    I'm pretty sure it's the 450 AW, but it could be the 650. He showed it to me at work and I can confirm it's in very good condition, sealed zips and has a little rain hood in the bottom.

    He's getting rid as he's downsizing, and is after £100 for it. Let me know if there's interest, and I'll pass the message on.

  • Do you want any more fd lenses? I've got a few kicking around, unused for years. I think I've got a 50mm f1.4, and a 28mm 2.8 in it's original box.

  • id like the 28mm?

  • Looking at selling my first generation Ricoh grd , wondering if there might be any interest here?

  • Looking for a small, inexpensive entry level film rangefinder for a mate. Decent nick would be ideal too. Show me what you got!

  • I want to sell my X-Pro1 and 35mm F1.4

    Less than 1000 images shot lens is mint, comes with all the original accessories + restrap magnetic QR camera strap - individually seem to be 470-500 on eBay so £400?

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Photography gear buy/sell

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