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  • le finished

    So I've got myself a TF Dart prototype frame made with Columbus Spirit; looks like this:

    I've acquired some purple mack superlite hubs which look like this:

    (Thanks Indra)

    It will have a front brake (not sure which yet) but have got these:

    Will also need to get one of those problem solvers 2:1 thingies.

    I am keen on following:

    Hubs are 24/28 and sadly TB14's dont come in 24h so I might go DT R 460; still not sure. Silver or black spokes?

    Omnoms (sliver/black)? Silver (ritchey classic) or black finishing kit? If TB14s came in 24h I'd have gone with silver finishing kit and spokes. Black tape unless there is a black tape with purple threads or something. Durano most likely.


  • Sweet! Looking forward to this one. T

  • Tape is nice but more pink than purple .. already worried about the hue of mack purple not matching to Hope.

    Sugino DD on other hand .. nice but pricey. Silver omnoms and that ^ ring? Is that aarn? Where can one get that?

    Flo30 NO, less CdA more Tumblr.

  • 44RN, but only 3 made I think.

  • #exclusive #limited

    Really needs this tbh:

    Sugino DDs are more than twice the price of omnoms .. but then I can use a cheap shimano BB .. where can you even buy silver DDs?

  • No it doesn't.

    I think Velodrome shop have them, but I wouldn't risk it. I'll be selling my ST 75 setup soonish if you're interested.

  • Pic? Crank length?

    Also this is lush:

    But this is buy-able:

    Can you let me know when I go too far with matchy matchy? Also slap me if I mention mudguards.

  • 170mm. Got a BB too.

  • Sweeet. Needs these:

  • Thats a step too far no? If not where can I get them?

  • You're already way too far imho.
    If you're after the 'sod all. Look how much I don't care what the establishment likes' then go ahead though...

  • like velocio's white and gold brother?

    I could scale back .. I can't be anti-establishment.

  • Nah, you need these if you wanna go full ano! Maybe a step too far with the AARN ring, get a black ring with these. Take some inspiration from the 90s mtb gods

    Or bankiren

  • Okay maybe that's too far

  • 🙏

  • Definitely get 75DDs if they fit the budget. Black arms with a silver zen/AARN would be awesome, they really are the best cranks around

    Id stick with purple hubs and headset only, its classy as is. Any more would look a bit try-hard but its your project I guess

  • I agree with all of that, lets see if my wallet does too.

    The DD's that Dolan are selling come with black Zen chainring .. I'll ask if they can include silver instead.

    In regards to purple, I think I will stop at headset and seatclamp and maybe a subltle bar tape hint. headset it zero stack top only the bottom cup sits outside HT.

  • So


  • Ritchey stuff is nice.

    Don't forget this....

  • Yep most likely that front brake. Although leaning towards sram for full silver ..

  • Amey - the matchy matchy has already gone far enough. Think of this as a friendly intervention. The purples will never match... Where did you get the frame from?

  • Got it on ebay.

    I think I will just get the seatclamp purple and maybe 1 chainring bolt. Keep headset black and finishing kit silver ..

    Would these work? If I cant get hold of DDs (silver cranks black chainring).

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Sweet fixie

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