Chilli heads.

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  • box with a vent has worked a treat

    Could you elaborate please? I can't really make sense of your photo.

  • Ha - should have said orange habanero plants.. they are also really old, germinated them 6 months ago!

  • The plant looks nice though, maybe you can overwinter it in a cool but light place..

    What I'd definitely do is rid most of the flowers though - there's no way it will be able to produce fruit in the coming months, and so it would waste a lot of energy by developing all the flowers.
    Shake the plant vigorously and a lot of them will fall off I guess, personally I'd cut off all but 3-5 of the healthiest looking ones that are already established, sometimes you get a few during the winter (depending on conditions of course)..

  • How do I tell when these are ripe? I believe all of them were purple when I bought the plant but I’m not sure.

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  • I grew these a few years back, picked them at various colours. They start purple then go yellow to red I think.

  • Found some Naga on sale a short while back.

    Apple, carrot, raspberry & 1x Naga. Packing some heat & flavours.

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  • Why is it that I can eat food containing very hot fresh chillies with no ill effects but as soon as I eat something with pickled jalapenos in, my stomach and arse fall apart?

    How can it make sense that fresh scotch bonnets (and hotter) cause no problems but a few slices of pickled jalapenos unleash hell upon my digestive system?

  • I read the sign, and thought for a second that was 1kg of naga boiled down....!

  • Is it a reaction to the pickling agent, and/or acidic medium, rather than the jalapeno?

  • The thought crossed my mind but I have zero problems with any other pickled goods.

    This has been a long standing thing for me. Something I have noticed over the last twenty years although it seems to have got worse recently.

    I love chilies in food and eat lots of them of varying heat with no issues...its just pickled jalapenos that fuck me up and given that other pickled goods don't do it, I'm genuinely perplexed!

  • Intriguing! I figured you'd have isolated the issue, so apologies for the clumsy q. Allergies develop to specific parts of fruit - skin, seeds - over time. Apple and cucumber skin are two separate ones I've heard about, with similar consequences, and got worse over time. Sounds like such an 'enthusiastic response' to a small quantity must be an allergy. ....When you have a free weekend and no-ones around, try some experiments?

  • That would be pure fire.

  • Humans are weird 🤷♂️

  • This was the bush, and this is the first haul. What shall I do with it?

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  • them! 🙂

  • Feement them into a hot sauce

  • Make some chilli oil with a few of them

  • Toast a few and sprinkle with sea salt, enjoy.

  • Got enough now for sauce and chilli jam. You recommend any jam recipes?

  • I’ll let KatBalou’sPhone give their recommendation, but throwing this in the mix;­how-to-make-spicy-chilli-jam.html

    I did one round following instructions which was great, but next one I didn’t bother char/de-skin the chillis, just a bit of a faff and theres plenty of smokey flavour from the pepper. I also tempered the sweetness with mixing in green chillis & jalapeños, which rounded out the sugar.

    Hope to put in a jar at the Deptford Dog & Bell pickle competition in a few weeks time

  • What I'd definitely do is rid most of the flowers though - there's no way it will be able to produce fruit in the coming months, and so it would waste a lot of energy by developing all the flowers.

    Cut them back and have some fruits that have now ripened, a little small but something!

  • This local gentleman, from Catford, has started selling some goodies.
    He reckons the "Reaper's Blade" is his hottest offering so have ordered some and will report back with results.­blade-100ml/

  • @Cazakstan is the chilli jam master but I suspect she won't reveal her recipe

    I've only used Nigella's one­am

  • Will be making a second batch of jammy goodness. The first big jar lasted two weeks exactly.

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Chilli heads.

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