Chilli heads.

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  • I know I'm not the only ones who loves the spice, this thread is for those chilli heads among us.

  • @cazakstan @Hulsroy @NurseHolliday @Dom

    Can I propose that we have an inaugural meal for us hot heads?

  • Yes please. Just say when. Chilli Klaus is wack tho...

  • Just got last years Prairie Fire seeds into a closh this weekend......kept touching my eye after too. Deeerr.

  • Open to suggestions.

  • Owwwww!

    Frank - looks an upgrade on the Chili Torreados and cochinita level 10 of LA infamy...

  • I read the chart on the right as "Scoble Heat Units".

  • Ah no, that charts the erotic effects of a onion up the vagina.

  • any advice for dealing with aftermath, eg, bog roll in fridge from night before ?

  • Yes! @spotter let's do this!

  • Is there anywhere in London that does various types of chilli hotness, preferably without it being the equivalent of a provincial curry house where groups of arses go after a skinful to try to kill each other with phall? A classy joint, like.

  • a owlnion


  • Yes, and not somewhere where the chili is supplied by Sriracha sauce. :)

    I suppose, as most Oriental dishes are toned down for Western consumption, it would probably require a conversation with the management prior to the visit.

  • I'm totally addicted to ghost naga chilli karkli

  • That looks amazing!

    A lot of the places that do "chilli challenges" are meat based which is a shame. They kind of fall in to the drunken idiots showing off category too though.

    We could combine two of my favourite things and go for hot pizza.. I'll do some research.

  • There's a Thai place in Paddington that was astonishingly hot when I went, but I suspect everything they make is infused with fish sauce.

  • What's it called, I remember you mentioning that before, I'll ring them to see if they can omit fish sauce from stuff.

  • I'm not into heat for heat's sake but am addicted to chilli sauce and end up having it with most meals. I have a collection of at least a dozen on the go at any one time including some Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican and American brands. Would welcome recommendations for new stuff to try. Currently loving "Melisa" which some friends brought me back from Mexico. It's a bit like Cholula, very fruity habanero based thing but with a tad more kick. It's amazing on grilled chicken, avocado on toast or baked sweet potato with grated ginger and creme fraiche.

  • Do you mean Melinda's hot sauce @apone? They have about 6 different varieties, they're all good!

    I have about 40 different bottles of hot sauce..

    My best advice is get thee to TK Maxx, they normally have a few varieties in for a few quid each, Melinda's is one of the brands they often stock.

    My current favourites are 'Pain 100%' and 'Raw Heat Vintage 69'.

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  • @spotter That place gets some seriously good reviews, let's go there!!

  • TK Maxx? Isn't that clothing?

  • So much more than clothing, my first stop if I ever need something for the kitchen.

  • @Hulsroy You have a whole new world of weird and wonderful ahead of you, TK Maxx homewares can be awesome, and cheap chilli sauce.. so good.

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Chilli heads.

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