• I thought that it would be helpful to have somewhere away from the competition thread to hash out 'rules' issues as and when they occur.

    Current rules can be found in post 1 of the weekly photography challenge thread, here - https://www.lfgss.com/comments/12794523/­ and are maintained by @mi7rennie

    This week has thrown up two that I can think of:

    1. Tied votes.
    2. Multiple votes.

    With regards tied votes, my preference in general is for either amicable settlement, or a decision by the previous weeks winner.

    On the multiple votes issue, we could keep either the first or the last, and then discard the rest of them, or discard all of them.
    Also, the rules don't currently state one person|account, one vote, should they?


  • I think a one vote per person and not voting on yourself should apply.

  • ^ Agreed

  • ^^ it's amazing it needs saying but ... yes – votes are annulled (plus optional wedgie).

  • My preferences would be

    Multiple votes = 0 votes

    No voting for yourself

    Winner decided by the person who set the theme.

  • ^ I agree

  • 1 vote per person, no self voting, I assumed was an unwritten rule.
    So yes, let's write it as one!

    I was going to suggest a pool of topics to choose from but that could lead to pre-planning a photo so maybe not such a good idea.

  • What do people think about closing the cut off for voting to say 4pm on Monday? Can @MrDrem tell the % of votes cast by this point?
    My thinking being we get a new topic in time for some Monday evening shooting.

  • The voting sheets for each week are public now, so you can check vote times yourself.

    My personal feeling on it is that the later voting time allows people to vote when they get home. I'm not sure it needs changing really, there's no guarantee that if you shift the time, you get a new theme earlier.

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Weekly photography challenge rules clarifications.

Posted by Avatar for MrDrem @MrDrem