Orlowski Appreciation Thread

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  • Awesome colour and decals

  • Really? My profession is frame builder and sometimes I have no time to fast reply .I answere asap.

  • I was always happy with jacek‘s response time and the support/knowledge he provided

    Just my two cents

  • Just an update jacek replied within an hour of me sending an email to the correct account.

    His replies are exceptionally quick. The reason for my concern was myself sending an email to the wrong account.

    So just so we are clear. His reply times are very quick. Communication is very easy. Very excited for my frame coming soon!

    Thanks again mate!

  • My new and complete Orlowksi track frame

  • pics aren't working

  • Enjoying single speed life on this thing, will probably stay this way over the summer.
    Next is to sort out the stem/handle bar set up and later tidy up the wiring.

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  • Those getaround bars? They look massive

  • They are and they are!

    Really do like them, has just the right sweep back for me and a little flexiness to them.

  • Nice bike!

    Stem ID?

  • Thanks!
    It´s an old ITM stem in steel. Thats about all i know. :)

  • here is my orlowski Track bike

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  • Hello everyone,
    I have had Jacek build a frame for me but not hear back in a couple of weeks. Has someone had contact with him recently?

  • Yes. What email adress did you use?

  • orlocnc@gmail.com
    I have already payed the deposit. I have no issues with delays or problems but sometimes one simply wants an update on the stauts. maybe he is just busy atm.

  • had one built very recently, and I had not much spontaneous updates, but Jacek replied each time within 1 or 2 days when I required updates I believe so I think he has just been really busy lately

  • you can trust him, but people nowadays should be more patient. he is a bikebuilder and not a communication officer.

  • dont worry I trust him 100% and you are right his fulltime job is not being a communication officer. I just have not heard from him in a while and I was wondering if somthing was going on that I was not awre of.

  • Have had a fork made recently, communication does take some days. But I suspect he is just busy, or something else may have come up to cause a delay. Would not worry about it too much, as others have said, positive expierences all around.

    As is with most older specialist craftsmen, the more you bug them, the longer it takes. :)

  • My now sold Orlowski from 2012 built up by the new owner (who will sell it as it doesn't fit him, he says). Had it repainted by Jacek before selling it.

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Orlowski Appreciation Thread

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