Orlowski Appreciation Thread

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  • Good Point! Surly Straggler has 91mm headtube, so compared with this 127mm sounds very generous..

  • I've been touring for a few years now and I'm pretty confident that I'll never fir a rear rack to any bike, no matter how long the trip - plus it'll look nice and smooth without them, right?

    I think the headtube will be 130mm in the end - I'll run a 5mm spacer on top/underneath and a 0 deg stem. It's 10cm taller than the one of my cross bike, and that has an integrated headset.

    The Surly's headtube is a joke! but I ran it slammed with no problems.

    Just waiting for a reply from Orlowski now. Incredibly exciting. I've wanted a custom frame for 7/8 years now.

  • @JB said this when he got his Panasonic

  • Rear rack mounts are useful for other things too. I used mine to attach a dynamo light the other day

  • New wheel day for my Orlowski.
    Hplus son TB14 laced to Dia Compe Grand Compe low profile hubs, they seem to ride quite nicely!

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  • Any updates on this one?

    Just waiting for a reply from Orlowski now. Incredibly exciting. I've wanted a custom frame for 7/8 years now.

    On that note new front wheel, cockpit and drivetrain for my orlowski in the meantime. Super silly but rides fantastic (assuming you are not going further than 5miles with no wind)

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  • None at all, sadly. I chased him with a few emails but never got a response.

    If communications dropped in the same way after sending 1000+ euros, it'd be a world of stress so I chose to avoid placing an order.

  • Hmm sad to hear.. when i was in touch with him re the above frame he was super hands-on

  • Really? Don't write a fairy stories.

  • I'm not, check your inbox: markr******@live.co.uk

  • I found a message from u. Not answered ,sorry.My fault.

  • No worries, it was during the holiday period so easy to miss!

  • Just finished building a custom frame I had Jacek make, communication was good and everything went very well so I can't recommend you enough if you are currently considering Orlowski for your next custom frameset!

  • You can't tease us like that and not post a pic!

  • Haha you're right! Apologies in advance for the shit pics due to bad phone.

    Basic idea was a kind of "do-it-all" bike for my usage, which means 650B fixed with geometry based on a current 700C road frameset that I had converted to 650B fixed and felt comfortable with, wanted the same measurements, but some slight adjustments: mudguards eyelets, track dropouts but 130mm rear spacing for current WI hub (ENO eccentric, converted to standard now), raised bottom bracket.
    Some cool features like segmented fork with initials inspired by one of @Hulsroy 's build, small Orlowski logos engraved, etc.

    A new chain or some links (old one was a bit short, hacked an additional link but pin is very tight so not moving well) and stainless mudguards (will probably purchase GB) away being finished.

  • Thats cool, looks like a lot of fun!

  • that fork is pretty special! super nice build :)

  • Nice frame, actually kind of similar to my do-it-all Orlowski that is rolling on 35c tires in the pic. It can Actually take 45s I guess. I like it ...

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  • fork is inspired directly from here but sure is cool :)!

    @_nico nice one!

  • Guys, is there a way to contacr Mr. Orlowski other than facebook? Yesterday I sent him a message but the message itself hasn't apparently arrived (grey circle with a tick: the messange has been sent but still not received)... Thanks.

    edit: my apologies, it seems that he is here on LFGSS

  • @cool-hand-luke


  • Hi folks. I have big problems with opening my post box on FB. Use ,pls my new email adress :
    orlocnc@gmail.com directly.
    PS. Thank you Atiba :-).

  • Have you tried the email address in the post above yours?

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Orlowski Appreciation Thread

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