• Few bits and pieces that are surplus to requirements - can be picked up from Leytonstone E11 evenings, Vauxhall daytimes or potentially any sensible place in between.

    Let me know if prices are off, make me an offer for more than one item.

    Dibs that are followed by a PM will be honoured.

    Shimano 600 crankset £SOLD

    Barely anything left on the teeth of the small chainring, so would suit someone who never gets out of the big ring, Jens Voigt possibly

    Not shown here but I do have the fixing bolts and washers (though not the dust-caps). Ok condition.

    Koga Miyata Turbo Bio Saddle £18

    Perfect if you're going for a period build of a 1989-90 Koga Miyata Full Pro (which is what this came off) or if you're not then, you know, it's a nice saddle. Cloth cover has no rips but is quite loose. Bit of rust on the rails should clean up OK.
    More pics

    Cinelli black 110mm 1R stem and Eubios Diet bars £15 each or £25 for the whole cockpit.

    Nice if slightly idiosyncratic cockpit. The 1R stem has a clamp bolt that pushes on an internal wedge, and before I swapped this off I had had the bars slip once or twice despite the bolt being fully tightened. A quick google suggests this is a known issue that can be addressed by a shim or some loctite. The bars are light and have a nice groove for running cables. The 'diet' refers to the fact that the drops section is cut down pretty short.

    Few installation scratches on both but otherwise good condition.
    More pics

    Regina Freewheel 6spd 12-17t £8

    Really very lightly used, splines, threads and teeth all in great condition.
    More pics

    Campag Record (?) 70s downtube shift levers £SOLD

    I think these are as per these ones on Velobase, for use with bosses rather than band-on but they're without all the washers - only the bits shown in the photo. I've only given them a quick wash - a bit more effort might shift some more of the surface rust.

  • Do you have a picture of bars from the side (or on a build) so I can get an idea of how much has been cut? Or if you could measure from the end of the bar to the first bend? Thx

  • Sorry, badly worded description, they haven't been cut by me, this is how they come. I'll do better pic and measurement tonight.

    Had some interest in the stem on its own, btw, if you'd be interested in just the bars. Preference through laziness would still be to sell them together, though.

  • Not that I think it matters but I'd like to hereby DIBS the cranks! PM incoming.

  • OK, cranks provisionally sold to @fizzy.bleach and there are a few PMs on the bars/stem for me to work through.

  • Here are the bars from the side - you've only get c. 40mm to grab on to before the first bend.

    I've added a couple more images to the flickr album taken from the side too, plus this one showing the total weight of stem and bars at 529grams

  • @imananimal any interest in taking the bars and stem together? If not, I'll happily split and sell at £15 for each.

  • Did you bag those cranks @fizzy.bleach ? Second dibs if not...

  • Yup, cranks are sold subject to me and @fizzy.bleach meeting up when I'm out of hospital at the end of this week.

  • Ah okay! Well if @fizzy.bleach can't, I'm keen for a friend whose cottered cranks are busted.

    Good luck with hospital stuff!

  • Hi, @lmananimal are you still interested in the bars? If not I have a few PMs on them to get back to.

  • If you fancy posting it to me, I'll take the stem.

  • OK, no reply from @lmananimal so I'll split the Cinelli bars and stem and sell seperately.

    But will be doing so with the caveat above about the bars having slipped in the clamp the last time I rode on them. Also I did read online somewhere that the 1R stem should really only be used with matching (26.4mm) Cinelli bars of one sort or another.

    Anyway, £15 each for the stem and bars.

  • dibs on the shifters, pmd

  • Shifters SOLD

  • Stem provisonally sold and bars now available for £15

  • Price drops on the saddle and freewheel.

  • Hi, what threading is the freewheel?

  • English thread I believe, though English and Italian are supposedly pretty much interchangeable.

  • Cranks SOLD to @fizzy.bleach - good to meet you, and best wishes for the build!

  • Cheers, likewise :)

  • Is the Koga saddle still for sale?
    Do you ship within the EU?

  • Sorry for late reply - yep, the saddle is still here and happy to ship it to EU at cost. PM me the address and I'll get a quote.

  • Is the bar / stem combo still available?

    If so, I would like it please.

    I will PM.

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Clearing out the shed (III): Koga Miyata saddle, Campag shifters, Cinelli 1R/Eubios cockpit, Regina Freewheel, etc

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