• 6th dibs are all yours, @anidel !

  • Thanks, @stedlocks. If someone puts the work in to it either to keep or sell on that's fine by me, but yeah, I'd be a tiny bit annoyed to see it just flipped as is for the 'right' price.

  • No worries.....fancy a wank, for a jump up the dibs list?


  • It's tempting for sure, but after a disappointing encounter in an Essex car park with anidel last night, I'll pass!

  • It was just too dark!

  • Well played OP, good on you.

  • I just hope that it doesn't turn up elsewhere with the 'correct' price tag on it.

    It would be a shame if it did, unless the buyer gave it a proper refurb too.

  • No. You'd have jumped over 5 people 'if' you got the nod. After being the lord high protector of dibs when it was for your mate. Reiterate your 6th dibs, although you never iterated it before. What you iterated was a queue jump attempt. Hypocrite. I see you.

  • Wtf is wrong with you ?
    I have been here a bunch of years and never got a problem and always being honest.
    I wonder what did I do to you to deserve this really.

    In the thread you linked above both guys came into the thread because I pointed it to BOTH of them on an Italian facebook group about bicycles and I just simply explained the rules to one of them. Neither of them is a friend of mine ffs.

    In here the OP stated:

    "Given the level of interest and my essentially lazy nature, I'm going to say it would be good if someone could come and collect it from me in Leytonstone. So I'll start with VintageJon via PM and work down the list if I need to."

    The part "it would be good if someone could come and collect it from me in Leytonstone" could have been read as if "cash is king and first to collect will get it". And my text is very fucking clear:

    "if, ..., it's now on a first come with cash on collection basis"

    That if is f*ing clear in English. I tried to ignore your vile accusations based on nothing than some texts, but now I got really fed up with it.

    If you don't like me, fine, I don't have to buy from you and you don't have to buy from me, but do not attempt to understand a person and make accusations with the few elements you have got in your hands.

    What you see as a queue jump attempt is exactly what you see and no one else, I hope, does and that it is not even close to reality.

    Unbelievable what people think of being just because of whatever they think they are doing correctly in the world...amazing really.

  • People, people, play nice. For what it's worth, @HillyBen, and as the OP, I just took @anidel's post as a firm expression of interest, not as an attempt to queue jump or to disrespect the sanctity of dibs. Plus he did really try hard to rouse my ardour in that nocturnal assignation, so respect to him for that...

  • Anidel you told someone here
    to respect dibs. Then you want to jump 5 dibs on this. If the seller decided to let you do that what would your 'ifs' mean to those 5 people who were respectful of others? It's as plain as that. Don't bother to ask what's wrong with me. It's not personal at all.

  • You brought it personal when you called me hypocrite.

    And yes, if the OP would have decided to sell to the first to pick it up, then dibs are worth nothing.

    sorry @E11_FTW for this.

  • @E11_FTW he knew what he was doing and he's been called on it. After telling others not to do it.
    Nothing more to it.

  • Amen

  • Is anyone going to suck someone off or not?

  • Woah! I only offered a wank!

    Sheesh, anyone will think I'm some kind of slapper or something

  • dibs

  • Well the frame's gone, so I guess that's all that's left

  • Well, none of us have got anything better to do now so..

  • It's alright....I've taken matters 'into my own hands', so to speak

  • hands

    boast post

  • Call out for @VintageJon , who's gone quiet. If I don't hear by tomorrow I'll get back to other dibs in order.

  • Ok, so exciting as this has all been, this rusty gem is now SOLD.

    Let's all keep an eye on @VintageJon to make sure he does the right thing and restores this to its former glory.

  • Rummaging thro my shed looking for for bargains to exchange for wanks

  • You bet, Im going to give this frame some love. Off to be dip stripped if it scrubbs up and there is no lacework or pinholes. I will form a resto page.
    Need to collect first..

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Clearing out the shed (II): Mercian Frame (58cm) - your money back if it's a dud

Posted by Avatar for E11_FTW @E11_FTW