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  • Bleugh, eBay seller canceled on me over a week after order without responding to any of my messages in the interim. eBay reckon another 5 days for refund to appear so 14 days without over a grand and no camera. #1stworldprobs

  • Cunts, seems quite common now for folk who aren't happy with the price they got.

  • from the scarcity of that camera model it seems more likely he was relying on selling at scalper prices and then getting the stock in to fulfill it and/or he sold it for a higher price offline in the meantime.

  • What camera was it?

  • black x100v

    I did a bit of a mooch when he posted about wanting one as I like a google hunt from time to time and they were on delayed back-order everywhere.

  • Ricoh GRIIIX

    Ed, did you sell this? Possible interested.

  • Any one with an X100f had problems with a sticky shutter release button, or the focus mode selector not enabling manual focus, and managed to resolve either issue without sending it it back to Fuji?

  • Can anyone advise me which Sony full frame mirrorless to buy second hand for maybe around £1000?
    I currently have an A6500 but I want a full frame as I've got a really nice full frame Sony macro lens and I don't think I'm getting the best out of it using it on a crop sensor.
    But I also sometimes need to shoot video for work and definitely want 4k video.
    I guess I could potentially keep the A6500 for video and get an older A7, but probably makes sense to sell the A6500 and get one thing for both, but am a bit confused by all the models... anyone with more experience able to advise?

  • i only use the higher res A7’s and have used A7r (now in Amey’s camera museum) a7RII (spare)and A7RIV which is my main camera.

    you can break it down by resolution

    12.2 mp usually filming biased/high iso/low noise
    24-36mp probably where you should look if hi res isn’t needed.
    42-61mp high resolution biased

    so A7II, A7III, A7IV, A7C or maybe A7RII might be worth looking at, i have no idea of prices though.

    if 12mp is enough then A7s/A7sII

  • Thank you - I don't see any major need for super high resolution, it's pretty rare my photos end up anywhere other than the internet. But then a6500 seems to be 24mp and it's maybe a mistake to go down from that.

    A7SIII seems like it would be perfect for me but way over budget unfortunately.

    Almost seems like I should maybe get an A7 i and just use that for photography and keep a6500 for video. But I have too much excess camera stuff I'm not using already.

    I just don't have time to do proper research on it now. But from a quick look at ebay A7 iii seems to go for 700ish and still shoots 4K, so maybe that makes sense.

    Need to check what I can sell a6500 + lens for first too.

  • Feel like I might miss the 24 mp of the a6500 if I went for an A7s II. But hard to be sure. I think I should probably try my macro lens out on a 12mp full frame body and see what the difference is.

    My very sporadic filming work I did with the a6500 has mostly tailed off since covid and the main thing I'm trying to use the camera for is taking insect macro photos for the fun of it, so shuold maybe bias it more towards photography.

    As far as I can gather main advantage of A7S II over A7 III is low light filming, is that right?
    I shuoldn't be trying to research this while simulatenously working as not really doing well with either.

    Should add I have a video assist 4k that I've used when filming which might help if I went for a non video oriented camera?

  • A7 III should be perfect and probably within budget.

  • Sorry for the spam, but I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC G10K that deserves an aspiring early teenage photographer. Comes with original box, bag, and all bits to get you going (including one lens). £30, if anyone in London wants it!

  • Anyone got any tips for increasing battery life on the Sony Alphas?

    I've carried this camera around 1000km of audax and basically not used it because rush or flat battery. Once it's off charge I'm going to have a look at screen brightness and see if I can disable NFC and Wifi (Airplane mode?) and I'm considering buying a Duracell 2nd battery and charger for it, but I'd rather not have to carry more shit. I could use the eye-piece instead of the screen but I ditched the eye-shield to save space (plus putting camera close to sweaty face is normally sub-optimal.

  • i have a few different batteries for my A7RII (it’s just a back-up now as have MkIV) and the sony batteries are much better then the duracell and ansemann ones i bought. but the batteries are all too small to give decent usage.
    turning things like image stabilise will help as will the rear screen especially if turned up very bright.

    they are bigger on the Mk III/IV and last a fair bit longer.

  • Any recommendations for Sony full frame lenses I might not have thought of? Want one main general purpose lens to use for still + ocassional video. Ruling out Sony 24-70 2.8 on cost grounds. Might be able to stretch to second hand Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art, but it's higher end of what I can afford. An other suggestions?

  • I was in the same position as you, the Sony f/2.8 was too expensive, and the Sony f/4 didn't have great reviews.
    I ended up taking the plunge on a Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, I managed to pick one up second hand, and would rate it as decent alternative.

  • Yes, that was the other one on my list and seems to go for less than Sigma second hand. But reviews confused me whether G2 version was a significant improvement or not. I hate camera reviews...
    The one previous Tamron lens I've had was great (thogh a macro/non-zooming, so not very similar).
    A7 III is great so far at least. Wasn't expecting it to be quite such an improvement over A6500, but getting much better results with macro lens stuff.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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