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  • HA! As much as I would like to, I can't drop 4 bags on a camera

  • I think the GRiii looks good, as something pocketable would be nice - only downside is lack of viewfinder.

  • the alternative to the GRiii is the Sony RX100, the RX100 VA being the latest version. They've got a zoom lens rather than fixed focal length and a little pop up viewfinder.


  • Is this a link to the 90s?

  • I've got a x100f it's great. Would recommend.

  • Want a nice point a shoot camera that I can take out and about - having a baby soon and want to take more photos. Something like the Ricoh grd a good idea?

    Is this for taking photos of your baby? I don't have a baby, however 99% of my cat photos are done on my phone, just 'cos it's always to hand.

  • Would a GRD be a good idea for lowlight/moving baby? I’ve only had a previous iteration and those conditions would easily defeat my camera.
    I would think a smaller sensor (a phone maybe…) would deal better.

  • If you get the handle on the snap focus you can turn the display off entirely and the lack of viewfinder becomes a breath of fresh air!

  • Phones are definitely not as good.
    Bigger sensors and wider lenses are much better for low light and movement.

    Modern phones are pretty responsive, compared to the blurry shite you would get past 6pm, but the near instant focus, excellent high ISO quality and wider aperture lenses means you should get sharper images, in much darker situations.

    Responsiveness is key though, because catching baby expressions isn’t easy.
    Baby smiles and looks at you, you press the shutter button, the image that gets taken is your baby gurning with a snot ball out one nostril, looking in another direction.

  • My comment was more a direct comparison between the GRD and modern phones. Like I said, I have no experience of the newest iteration of the Ricoh but from what I’ve read it still is not a low light killer.

  • Ah, you mean GRD small sensor rather than the larger GR?

  • Yeah obvs I will take photos on my phone but also want to focus on taking more thoughtful photos of the baby and mum.
    I think I’ve decided on the x100f as I like the feel of it and the images it produces (even if the grd is a lil smaller and feels nice)

  • Not really, more about the GR’s performance in low light, especially capturing movement - it has a rep for eventually locking on focus, whereas new phones are super fast, Apple’s Night Mode for example.
    My mistake for adding that ‘D’, I meant the GR3, sorry!

  • I'm looking to up my product photography and according to a friend I should buy a different lens. I'm using my gf's Olympus E-M10 with the included 14-42mm 3.5-5.5F lens, supposedly the aperture is too high for my lighting conditions and a longer lens would produce nicer pictures too? He suggests me getting an Olympus 45mm 1.8F lens, it's a fair chunk of money for a struggling artist but I wouldn't mind spending €150-200 if it gives me a serious improvement.

    I currently mostly shoot against a white wall as I ship most of my bags out so can't really take in-the-wild pictures, but as I'm slowly getting on top of my orders I finally have time to make myself some decent bags (I only have prototypes which are a bit shoddy) so I hope to be taking pictures on the (g)road soon.

    I shoot in RAW and faff about in RAWTherapee to reach a semblance of uniformness but as you can see I still need to learn a thing or three.

  • I currently mostly shoot against a white wall

    Are you using any external lighting? I'd start there - would also be good to see some examples of what you want to achieve.

  • I’m not, perhaps that’s a more sensible place to start.

    I don’t mind the pictures I’m taking currently, just think it’d look better when they’d be uniform in terms of white balance mainly. But that’s probably more a lighting thing than a lens thing now you mention it.

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  • You're off to a great start with natural lighting. I don't think spending €150-200 on a large aperture lens will do much when there is no background to blur out.

    I've not done much product photography but know that lighting can also be expensive. You could try using reflectors to create some fill light and lift the shadows. You can experiment with this on a small budget, e.g. this is £9.99 + postage. https://www.wexphotovideo.com/wexpro-30c­m-collapsible-reversible-reflector-silve­rwhite-1584765/

    If the natural light isn't strong enough to really reflect.. you can think about adding light, try a DIY softbox. https://www.diyphotography.net/how-to-ma­ke-a-diy-softbox-for-almost-0/

  • Same as above, wouldn't bother with the new lens. If you want light on the product for no money, seletape a piece of A4 paper over a desk lamp and angle as desired.

    Guessing you're using a tripod?

  • Thinking about trading in some lenses for a Fujifilm x100v. Those who ride with one, what bags are you using and is it accessible while moving? Dunno if it woud fit in a stem / snack bag.

  • Just body slinging the X100s under a zipper top works (for casual rides anyway). That way it's pretty much ready, less faff.
    It wouldn't fit in a stem bag. Great camera btw.

  • I'd like to upgrade my old Panasonic GF1 with pancake lens

    This is the best replacement I can find at the price I can afford - Fujifilm X-E4 with XF 27mm WR F2.8 lens for £950

    Anything else I should be considering?

  • I keep my x100f in a fog city handlebar bag which is the right height for the camera to sit on its end and has a top that hangs over to stop it bouncing out over bumps if the zip is left undone. Having said that unless you pack out all the remaining empty space inside any bag you’ll find your camera gets bounced about and it’ll wear off the paint as mine has a fair bit which would be a shame on a nice new x100v!

  • These are all solid. If these are just natural daylight then think about what's around the subject. Daylight changes colour depending on all sorts of things like time of day / weather etc. Nearby surfaces also introduce colour. If you want to have consistent colour at the time of exposure then a light source and some kind of controllable space. You could build a very simple frame with some wood, an A2 sheet of white card for the background, white tracing paper for the sides/roof. You could stick some kind of stand out from the background to mount products on so they appear suspended and so you don't have to worry your body introducing colour/shadow/fill etc.

    This is great: https://blackwells.co.uk/bookshop/produc­t/9780367860271?gC=5a105e8b&gclid=Cj0KCQ­jw5uWGBhCTARIsAL70sLLf0G1l8akEYGEYzlhIum­dMKS-sYFEgQibLPSJQDGb7AcwCYUDMalsaAkq8EA­Lw_wcB

    If you're considering a buying a light/lights then remember that cheaper (and even more expensive ones) will introduce some kind of colour that isn't actually white so if you're trying to minimise the amount of post production then adjust your settings in camera accordingly.

    Personally I'd stick with things as they are.

  • Thanks all! I’m afraid I’ve been peer pressured into buying a shiny trinket under the pretense that the camera’s owner will also appreciate it.

    But I’ll definitely reconsider my light setup, there’s not an awful lot of light to reflect as our best wall faces north-east with windows on north west. Frames of wood are a no-go as it’s our living room and I’m already pushing it with an industrial sewing machine in our spare room. I vaguely recall my father deciding to become a videographer and buying a lot of daylight lamps, might see if there’s something I can pinch among that.

  • I'd like to upgrade my old Panasonic GF1 with pancake lens
    This is the best replacement I can find at the price I can afford - Fujifilm X-E4 with XF 27mm WR F2.8 lens for £950
    Anything else I should be considering?

    It's tough between those - larger sensor, no IBIS, slower lens (probably equivalent in DoF).
    What about a second hand GX80 if you want something slightly newer?

    Saying that, I enjoy the fujifilm experience over my GX80. The X-E4 will be nice if you plan to use other fuji primes. Depends what you want really, I assume something small and discrete and perhaps just a single lens setup?

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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