What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • I have two, not sure why actually as I don’t like them at all.

    I’ve tried them with my lightest camera which is the Fujix100v and it still bothers me. Really don’t understand how some people are happily lugging around a DSLR like that.

    Love PD stuff in general this one doesn’t work for me.

  • Interesting thank you.
    This is how I imagined I would use one.

  • Is that because it bounces about, or you knock it?

  • I guess it’s the weight placement at that position that makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • Just got a 40mm f2.8 for my vintage Canon 5D. mk1
    It makes a meaningful difference for packability, and the lens is really quite sharp even fully open.
    That said, it´s still a big chunk of a camera.

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  • Is that the pancake? I recently picked that up and am enjoying it. Mainly because it means I can almost fit a pocket 6k in my pocket with a lens attached. Almost.

  • The pancake yes!
    Been using the 50mm 1.8 (an older version) and I find the autofocus much nicer on the 40mm as well.

  • really like that Volvo shot, but can't really put my finger on why.

  • Has anyone moved from a X100F to V? Am I missing much, I went from X100 > X100T > X100F obviously my photography has not improved, but FOMO persists.

  • https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/preview­/fuji-x100f-vs-x100v/

    I love the "pop" the x100v can produce. Never owned the X100F though as a comparison.

  • fast sd card recommendations for my fuji xt20?

    the one i have seems quite slow as it struggles to process quickly enough when i'm taking several shots in quick succession (which is apparently a must to get a single 'keeper' when photographing my kids...)

  • Depends on your budget as well I guess. I’ve got a few fast ones but you pay for the speed.

    I would not recommend Lexar in conjunction with Fuji, they don’t pair well.

  • TL;Dr the lens and the sensor are superior (noticeably), however the full rundown is:

    26MP X-Trans 4 BSI vs 24MP X-Trans III (the backlit sensor allows easier circuit design so the focusing/tracking is faster as well as the low light performance being better)
    -5EV Phase Detect vs -2EV Contrast
    Larger OVF: 95% vs 92% coverage
    0.52x vs 0.5x Viewfinder
    EVF 3.69m dots OLED vs 2.36m LCD
    2 Asph vs 1 Asph element
    4 stop ND vs 3 Stop
    11fps vs 8fps
    4K at 29.97fps (200mbps) 10 MINS ONLY vs HD at 59.94fps 14MINS ONLY
    Eterna & Monochromatic Colour added
    Clarity added
    Colour Chrome Effect added
    Colour Chrome Blue added
    DR modes added to Movie
    Bluetooth added
    USB-C vs USB2.0
    One port for Remote/Microphone rather than two
    478g vs 469g
    WR with filter attached (adapter ring plus 49mm)
    ISO Dial change; now clicks and locks up for adjustment
    Flippy Touch Screen
    Aluminium top and bottom plates which are fit

  • Anything decently fast will be okay, I tend to recommend Sandisk Extreme because they’re quick, but I use Toshiba Exceria Pro cards and have used fast Lexar’s in the past. For the file size on the X-T20 I’d be looking at a card that writes at a minimum of 150mb/sec if you’re trigger happy in RAW

  • I've recently got a mac mini after my mac book with photoshop CS4, on has pretty much died. I'm very reluctant to fork out a tenner a month for Photoshop considering I don't use it all that often, and I was just batch processing images through it. I've been trying out Affinity Photo but it's lacking a few features that i used a lot in photoshop, namely the actions (Affinity Photo's ability to edit a macro once recorded is limited to adding to it, and none of the parameters can be adjusted), and the lens correction filter that I used to add chromatic aberration. So does any one have any recommendations(?) or should I down grade my mac so that i can run CS4?

  • Want a nice point a shoot camera that I can take out and about - having a baby soon and want to take more photos. Something like the Ricoh grd a good idea?

  • I have a panasonic TZ60 for pocketability, does a good job.
    Old hat now, I imagine they have updated and released newer versions since the 60.

    Only has a little sensor though, compared to the GR (not really an issue for FB posts and prints smaller than A2)

  • Oh that looks nice? Is it a good camera? They have it on Mr Porter so must be pretty good

  • Its excellent and it will hold value if you get bored. If you want to spend a little less then Q typ 116 (the older version) from Aperture UK or Ffordes or MPB.

  • You’re good with the price?

  • Ricoh GR series best for small size
    Fuji X100 series best price/performance, best colours
    Sony A7 series best for resolution
    Leica Q series best for satisfying feel and ergonomics

  • I was fairly sure @amey was trolling me - Im sure it's lovely but I was thinking more 300-600£

  • I wasnt! Go big. Your child is worth it.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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