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  • Looking for camera recommendations for Mrs CYOA for her birthday. Was looking at rx1r a while ago. Interested in full frame, very small ideally (but happy to have the 35mm protruding if the quality of image is markedly better than say an rx100vii), straightforward to learn, WiFi or Bluetooth or another easy way to access images. She initially wanted a fancy phone which she does use but finds herself using it for non photo things so wants to switch to a simple phone for calls and SMS and a dedicated camera. It'll largely be for informal portraits and out and about stuff. Some landscapes. Doesn't like zooms particularly so her preference is for a fixed 35(ish) rather than a built in 24-200 equiv.

  • If you have the money gun then the Sony A7c claims to be the smallest and lightest full frame with interchangable lenses. The kit lens looks impressive, 28-60mm so not proper wide or zoom but it's tiny.

  • Sorry, should add not after interchangeable lenses.

  • If you want full frame aren't your only real options Leica, Sony and Zeiss? I'd take the Sony. But personally I'd buy the latest x100 offering and go down to APS-C. In my humble opinion they're really very good, and very fun to use. Not super compact though.

  • Buy a XF10 :-)

  • Hi, does anyone know of a reputable place that recycles or disposes of digital cameras/electronics? I've got an ancient, working Fuji finepix to get rid of. I could probably eBay for a few quid but seems a faff.

  • Maybe worth waiting until the charity shops reopen and donating it?

  • Your local recycling centre or curb side collection will take electrical items.

  • Will the World Press Photo 2021 book be released in paperback at the same time as the hard cover?

  • Hello all...

    Seeking some advice here as I look to get a digital system after years of shooting only on film...

    Here are the credentials for what I need...

    • small and compact
    • interchangeable lenses
    • Weather sealing if I can get it
    • Don’t need crazy resolutions as I can’t see myself ever printing large from these files
    • Hotshoe
    • No need for video

    Part of me wants full frame but perhaps that’s just me being a Luddite and wanting to replicate my film cameras too much... I’m sure some of the smaller sensors are brilliant now.

    I’m pretty much sold on the Fuji XE-4 as I hear great things about the lenses. Just a shame it’s not weather sealed.

    I’m wondering if anyone here has experience with a Fuji set up or if anyone had any other suggestions?

    Many thanks

  • For that criteria is definitely worth considering the Sony a6xxx range. Pick the model depending on budget etc, but you’re probably steering towards the a6400.

  • Most of the compact system cameras are excellent these days.

    If you want weather sealed, worth going for the system with compact water resistant lenses too (or have a lens or two that are that gets used for bad weather)

    I’d also make sure to go for image stabilisation, I can’t be living without it!

  • Any good guides - books, PDFs or youtube references for editing RAWs? I'm finding my colours going a bit all over the place and I'd like to be able to configure some kind of sensible baseline so I can at least automate the first adjustments somewhat (using Capture One).

  • Worth a look definitely. As much as I like the results from the sony/zeiss lenses I cant help but think they're a little bulky? Especially when compared with the amount of fuji lenses which seem much more compact.

  • Thanks for the words of advice.

  • The Sony APS-C lacks good lenses. Some are soft. Others are heavy. The cameras are quite expensive as well. The Fuji is a much better bet if you are sticking with APS-C. But there is no substitute for full-frame.

  • I run micro 4/3, and find it fine for my use.
    I prioritise portability, which M43 has in body and lens size, and the optical quality is excellent.
    I also rarely need full frame f1.4 depth of field, and prefer greater depth of field at a given aperture, so the smaller sensor works well for me.

  • Anyone know where I can get a knock off hood replacement for a 70-200 Sony lens? Lost mine and don't really fancy the £80 for an official one.

    I've considered the screw on ones, but it fit perfectly in my bag when 'reversed', so don't really want the addition length. (Or keep screwing it on and off everytime I use it)

  • Is the peak design clip the best option for having my camera too hand while walking? It's a bit spendy, but if it's worth it I might splash out.

    Got a little micro 4/3 Olympus and would like to have it more to hand but not actually in my hand.

  • Wear the standard strap like a sling?

    I've got the Peak Design slide lite, one clip on the side of the camera, the other on the provided base plate - works nicely worn as a sling, slides up to your face easily.

  • Thank you for the response. I think I might be a very bouncy walker, my dad is an infinitely better photographer and walker and does the same as you suggest. But I hate the constant bashes as it bounces around.

    This looks more sturdy. And less likely to clatter about every time I jump off a rock or go over a style. Then again it might be irritating in its own special way.

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  • One good thing about Canon and Nikon is they have been around long enough for a complete set of knock-offs to appear.

    With Fuji and Sony you are a bit stuck. I found this "original" hood for $199 ! I don't understand what's going on with that price: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/10050016­68003935.html

    You can still get screw in rubber hoods that telescope out and fold back quite small. That may be your best bet.

  • Any reason not to buy microSD cards and use an adaptor, over a full sized SD card?

  • They’re slower and less reliable IME

  • I have one. I use it with a strap - it’s out of the way on the clip if I don’t want the camera bouncing, or I can just let it hang cross-body on the strap if I want to be able to bend over for some reason. It works quite well. If you have an Arca Swiss compatible tripod, the plate will clip into that, which makes it even better IMHO.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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