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  • I’ve wanted one for a long time but to be honest, I have yet to discover whether or not this focal length matches my type of photography. There’s only one way to find out and I always enjoy how new lenses “force” you to look at things differently.

    Next up would be the 80mm 2.8 macro, which would completely overcome the challenge I now sometimes face with the minimum focus distance.

  • Have you seen how close the F1.4 16mm will focus?

  • Yes I have but that’s not the focal length I want to get a close up with. I want to isolate some details without too much of the rest of the setting in the background.

  • Thanks, but have four cameras, so need to thin that down abit.

  • Could I get a bit of pricing advice if you can please?

    I've got a Canon zoom lens EF 70-300mm which has never been used and is far too big and pro for me. i can barely take a photo on my phone let alone a proper job. its a few years old but as mentioned only been on the box since purchase apart from testing on canon camera body when first received as a gift.

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  • anyone interested in buying?!

  • Christ... I didn’t realise it was worth so much. I’ll put it in a sales thread.

  • Whoever gifted it you will be due a bottle of something fancy now I bet.

    Though not the fastest, any L IS USM is megabucks. You should sell it easy, if you price it right on ebay. Maybe wait for a £1 listing day, or marketplace it.

  • What's the current resale market like for panasonics?

    Moneys a little tight this month so considering selling my 18mth old GX9 and lenses but have a feeling i'd lose so much on resale it'll justify keeping them and riding out the storm instead.

    I've got:

    GX9 Body & 12-32mm IS Kit lens (paid £599 new)
    LUMIX LEICA DG SUMMILUX 15mm F1.7 ASPH Lens (paid £449 new)
    LUMIX H-HS030E 30 mm Macro F2.8 (paid £269 new)
    Sandisk 128gb Extreme Pro sd (currently about £30)
    plus a small camera bag, uv & polarising filters, 3rd party batteries and dual charger.

    looking on ebay it seems there's high supply on second hand market but lots of watchers on stuff and few bids so people just waiting for stupid bargains.

    Realistically what do you lot reckon it's all worth?

  • Get a quick quote from wex, it's instant and will give you a minimum to work from.


  • No seems to be a great time to sell camera stuff on eBay if you can wait for a £1 listing weekend. I’ve shifted a few cameras and lenses on there in the past month and have sold them for more than I bought them for, or in the case of a Canon M6 exactly what I paid for it brand new

  • It was a result off poor stock management at a well known camera store. I was actually bought the more basic model however inside the box on opening was the ‘L’ version. Basically a blessing and a curse. This hefty model was overkill for my needs so I never used it. The basic model would have been much more suitable and been used I imagine!

    The gifter could still get a bottle of something tho, you’re right!

  • On a slight tangent, what free alternatives to Flickr are there?

    I don't use it a great deal so the subscription is way too expensive but I did use to enjoy seeing which of my pictures were popular on there, which ones got picked up by websites, magazines, etc (it was all free to use)

    Any suggestions for a free (or very cheap) alternative?

  • I've heard Ipernity had a good community, and is cheap.

  • Before you sell it check the IS system works.

    Also, if you don't know, the EF system is for full frame as well as APSc. I picked up a 55-250 efs used a few times for less than £100. Looked at a few IS EFS lens and found the IS didnt work with either a 400d or 450d.

  • thanks for the advice. how can I tell if the IS works? why would it not be working?

    and I have no idea what this means!
    Also, if you don't know, the EF system is for full frame as well as APSc

  • Attach it to the camera and half press the shutter button (like, to focus on something). You should hear the AF focusing. Then, with it held half-pressed, make gentle circles in the air with the lens. You should feel it pulling against you and hear a gentle whirring sound.

  • EF means Electro Focus. It is the name of the mount that EOS cameras use.

    All lenses for EOS cameras (film, or digital) are EF. EF-S lenses are for digital cameras with APS-C sensors.

    EF lenses work on film, full frame digital and APS-C digital cameras. EF-S lenses work on APS-C digital cameras only.

  • thanks for the advice. how can I tell if the IS works? why would it not be working?

    If you search the info is there can show you how to check. Have been reading up for sometime as I was looking to buy a couple of EF-S image stabilised lenses.

    Am also sceptical of buyer (especially ebay and posted) getting an lens then using it and deciding they don't like it and sending it back claiming the image stabilisation doesn't work.

    and I have no idea what this means!
    Also, if you don't know, the EF system is for full frame as well as APSc

    As @pdlouche explained better than I but I add that your lens is worth more money as it can be used on a film or full frame DSLR.

  • Cheers. Looking at ipernity (and 500 pix or whatever it's called) the prices all seem not that different to Flickr (maybe a tenner in it). I think I might just have to accept that there isn't anything out there priced at what I want.

  • Anyone interested in a Sony A6000 with 16-50mm kit lense, broken latch on battery door but holds fine with some electrical tape. Works fine, just want to upgrade to an A7. £350?

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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