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  • Yeah, that was the first thing I did after seeing that 'senor spot' example. I remembered seeing it in the menu and my Canons have it too. Didn't fix it.

  • Anyone after a Canon 18-55mm image stabiliser lens? I bought it from Jessops for £180 or so, but have barely used it. Ideally collection from Crystal Palace. I'd be happy with £50.

  • White Balance on the Sony? Sunset pics seem to be a bit of a mix of too green or too blue.

    Is there a way to get Capture One to preview the RAWs with similar processing settings the camera used? Editing a bunch of underexposed RAWs gets kinda old. I need a lot more practice when it comes to trying to get cool cloud exposure and keep detail in foreground. Better to get it right when the shots taken than try and edit I guess.

  • A6000s can sometimes err towards the blue. Never worked out how to stop it, just tend to tweak in post.

    If its under exposing sunsets try using the hdr settings. Gives greater dynamic range without editing. Other thing I find is they can sometimes under expose when the lights a bit dim. Tend to set the exposure compensation to +0.3 by default which sorts it.

  • Bracket exposures and HDR in post if you don't trust the internal hdr. You are running into the first ceiling on equipment of that price and age though, dynamic range.

    Grey card for the white balance, or one of those caps that has a grey card in them. In my experience it stopped so much of the fiddling with white balance.

  • Thanks both. I figured HDR might enter into it. I've never had that option before (or at least never used it on the newer 5D I have).

    Back in Oz, when I was into this shit, I did a Photoshop course and and remember doing exposure bracketing and then layering the images over each other but I don't have PS now and that was a long time ago. Can Capture One do anything with bracketed shots?

    I guess now it's a question of time. I'm already getting better pics because the detail is higher which gives more flexibility with cropping but I find editing pics very time consuming and rapidly lose interest. Is there a book or something that can help improve actual shot taking skills? I guess not much in the way of courses going on these days.

  • I also think I want to try one of those harness setups like Francis Cade uses. Getting the camera out of the little bag is probably as quick as I used to be with unlocking my phone but means there's no on-bike shooting (and it's no good unless I'm using MTB shorts with a belt).


  • Looks like SEL20F28 is 49mm. Is that the size grey filter lens cap I should be looking for?

    Also, annoying spot remains in images after lens swap so it's deffo a sensor splooge and not in the lens.

  • Not sure on your filter cap size. I'm sure Sony headz will be able to advise. Spot removal you can usually batch with lightroom, I assume capture 1 is the same although I missed the boat on capture 1 and now it's too much money for the use I'd give it.

    I have been down the sensor cleaning rabbit hole and ended up with the swab and jelly like dabber. They both combat different problems but it gets expensive. I found it was enough to do a really deep clean and then pick up any problems when travelling with the rocket blower/swab/sticky depending on the problem. It does make you more aware of where and when you are swapping lenses. Also how you handle the lenses you are swapping because that's an easy way to transfer debris to the sensor. On the whole though dots in clear skies edit out very easily, unless you are printing at huge scale.

  • Yeah I could edit, but again I'd rather fix the problem so I don't have to. I'm going to get a blower at least, maybe a cleaning kit and give that a shot and look around for a shop that might be able to clean. I was always good swapping lenses on the DSLRs. This came on the used camera unfortunately so I hope it's removable. Thanks

  • It's always worth taking a view and having the tools to handle different problems, especially on the go. Completely understand that you want to get it clean, in different times I'd say go to a shop and have it done because you've just bought it and they'll have everything to hand to get it done.

    Swabbing the sensor is a most annoying process.

  • Just ordered a new Rocket blower and the APS-C swabs this guy used:

  • Ideas welcome...
    I love my Lumix GF1, it's small, solid and has tactile controls. It's getting pretty vintage now, but the only thing I'd like in my life is better low-light performance, and better video resolution.

    Has anyone got any recommendations for something similar, but which benefits from some more modern sensor technology?

    I have a few m4/3 lenses, so bonus points if it's body-only in that ecosystem. I have used the whole lot pretty hard, so it likely has no re-sale value any more. And buying multiple lenses is out of my price range.

  • There are only a few options if you want to maintain size and stay m43.

    The GX9 seems the most obvious starting point. I've read a few negative issues with the IBIS implementation as being a step backwards but this could be something greatly exaggerated by the internet and now resolved.
    A second hand GX80 might be a nice bump in a few areas and relatively cheap, though mine feels dated alongside my new fujifilm X-S10 (AF speed, EVF quality).
    Unless I've missed one, the latest Olympus bodies are all quite large.

  • I've got a Canon EOS 350D with 18-55mm kit lens.

    It seems to be getting a bit long in the tooth and the lens motor sometimes squeaks and fails to autofocus. The body is a bit basic, seems things have moved on a little in the last 14 years. I mostly can't be bothered to carry it these days and my phone is plenty good enough for family snaps. It does come out for family gatherings, especially on a tripod for group shots that seem appreciated by my in-laws although I'm not sure why.

    However my youngest has been enjoying using it, even going for photo walks. Now she is trying to take photos of garden birds so I'd like a longer lens.

    Any thoughts on Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM (Canon Fit) (£269 ) v. Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM (£309)?

    Maybe upgrade the body to a 2000D later.

  • Any thoughts on Sigma 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS HSM (Canon Fit) (£269 ) v. Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM (£309)?

    If you want to replace the kit lens then the first. If you want a lens that's an addition and slightly better at birds, then that one. The Canon is longer and faster.

    Worth also considering how big a camera the youngest wants to use:

  • The newer rangefinder style Panasonics are pretty well sorted, if you still have a love for the form factor.
    Low light has come on quite a bit in 4/3 sensors since the original 12mp sensors.

    GX8 is the most tactile of the form factor, with loads of controls, high res viewfinder, flippy screen, water resistance.

    GX9 was seen as a bit of a downgrade, as it loses the pivot screen in favour of tilt, high res viewfinder, waterproofing, but does improve the 'shutter shock' that some people and reduces form factor experienced in the GX8.

    The GX80 is a really good budget buy, will feel way faster in operation than your GX1, updated image processor, 16mp sensor, no low pass filter, better low light, image stabilisation built in, video, USB charging, higher res rear screen, EVF etc.

  • Don't think I want to replace the kit lens just now, happy to have to swap a bit and I can replace that later if it totally gives up (seems to have rejuvenated a little with some use so perhaps some sticky grease somewhere in it or something).

    I've now found the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens which seems to work in my EF-S body, has more zoom and is less money (£230) so I think that is winning at the moment.

    Worth also considering how big a camera the youngest wants to use

    I think she will be okay with something big'ish. Usually I'd find a shop but perhaps not right now.

  • I've now found the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens which seems to work in my EF-S body, has more zoom and is less money (£230) so I think that is winning at the moment.

    Good stuff, had not looked at EF lenses, generally the longer the better for birds.

    Don't forget to look at used, Wex or Jessops offer second hand with warranty and returns. DSLR lenses are becoming 'old tech' - would avoid new.

    Here is one in excellent condition for £117.

    Also spotted one of the DO lenses, some sort of condensed lens, more money but compact and has IS. https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-ef-7­0-300mm-f4-5-5-6-do-is-usm-lens-used-176­0881/

  • Don't forget to look at used

    I hadn't considered that at all. I don't really want the potential problems of eBay but Wex does seem like a good option. Thanks.

  • Thanks @spinnnout, @Acliff. Second-hand GX80's are pretty reasonable. I don't want to go too modern, you can never go backwards.

  • No worries, it is a great little camera. As mentioned further up, check out Wex for second hand. The GX80 has a fairly common issue with the rear dial failing. You can still operate the camera with workarounds - mine died years ago - worth having some warranty.

    Prices also look cheaper on wex than ebay too.

  • GX80 is decent, just buy one second hand.

  • Most second-hand stuff seems to be ~£250 body only. I've spotted what appears to be new availability from Bristol Cameras (their website is hellish) for only £50 above that price. Hopefully a little protection against potential @Acliff 's dial flaws, and well worth £50 to not get a scratched up one. Will order now and see how I get on.

  • nice, I really like mine, great video, lowlight is a massive step up from a GF1, autofocus is good, IBIS is incredible, operates faster, veiwfinder, etc.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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