What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • Yeah, the interface between my iPhone and Mac are also a bit clunky too. Luckily there’s always the memory slot to bypass using having to get them to talk!

    If you know any good vids let me know

  • https://youtu.be/3ZoN7MNrr3s

    There is also a guy called mark galer who makes decent Sony alpha videos.

  • i have a Panasonic Lumix TZ90 that is a decent pocket camera, good range on the zoom, has a viewfinder too for people that like that.
    The lumix app is good too, you can use it to import photos to your phone/ tablet and share from there, also doubles as a remote trigger/ remote viewfinder.

    (once copied to your phone you can use lightroom app to poke the colours if you want to, but you get good pics from the camera)
    I don't have any pics to share though

    Edit: didn't realise your comment was a month old! sorry!

  • Spotted Jessops UK via Quidco offering 5% off anything over £400 (ends soon - code JE2326WE). Taking a punt on the Fujifilm S-x10.

  • Thinking of selling my Contax G1 with 28mm lens (contax strap,and 2 aftermarket hoods ,original contax P filter and set of x3 other filters)
    Expousure counter screen is inked out and in general a bit more beater'ish condition but its clean and in working order)
    DM if interested.

  • Do most of the Olympus OM1s and OM2s now have that corrosion on the prism from the foam they used? Am I better off going with Pentax/Minolta/older Nikons for an SLR? I have an XA2 and the rather hideous but interesting IS2000 which means an OM would look nice next to them, but OM lenses are obviously some of the pricier options and Minolta and Pentax aren't exactly slouches re: lens quality so I don't need to stick with Olympus. Japanese eBay sellers seem to offer pretty good prices on OM bodies but I don't think I've seen one without at least some corrosion present, and the prices are just as reasonable on other brands.

  • I’ve owned four or five OMs after liking the size of small Pentax SLRs, but preferring the manual/mechanical nature of early OMs. I just own one OM1n now.

    OM foam will be degraded on all the cameras now I think. It’s easy enough to take the top plate off and just swab away any residue. I wouldn’t let that put you off.

    I have heard that the foam residue can stain the prism but I’ve found the foam produced little flakes and some dust in the viewfinder (so definitely annoying and worth sorting). If there was staining I couldn’t notice it. Do you have an example of the corrosion you’re seeing?

    I’d say that the common OM lenses aren’t the sharpest, they tend to be older (in design) and more compact than Pentax, Minolta etc and around the same price. The basic primes are really common in the uk. The really high performance OM lenses are rare as are the good zooms.

    I’ve just kept a 28 f3.5, 50 f1.8 and 80 f2.0.

  • Most of the listings seem to say 'there is prism corrosion', at least with the one Japanese seller I've seen with lots of stock. It ranges from minor specks to dark swabs and one I saw the other day had a gnarly black strip visible across the bottom third of their shot. I had a quick Google and some owners were of the 'meh, no big deal for now' mindset while others were buying up OM10s to harvest their prism because they could see it getting worse.

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  • Ok those are both pretty bad. The lower shot is a worse version of what I could see on my worst example.

    So I’m guessing none of these sellers have cleaned off the foam? Maybe I was lucky by in each case all marks just wiped off. It’s about a 20min job with nail polish remover and a small cross head screwdriver and cotton wool+tweezers.

  • Are you checking LCE? There were a ton of OMs sold in the UK.

    You can still get a good OM1 or 2 for £150 I think. An OM4 for a bit more.

  • Can someone recommend me a nice camera bag please? I want to get my wife a compact shoulder bag that she can fit mainly her 35mm slr, mirrorless camera or Bronica in (one at a time!), that looks nice and isn’t eyewateringly expensive. Doesn’t need to be camera-specific but it does need to be padded really.

  • I used a lot of camera bags in my life. Domke was my favourite - pricey though.
    If I'd need another bag now I would probably just get some bag I liked, and add some padded inserts myself (get those from eBay or whatever).

  • billingham to piss off @tinakino

  • Peak Designs

  • @tinakino I reckon my budget is hovering somewhere around £50 so domke (and billingham) probably out of my price range. I do have an insert actually - but it’s a messenger bag size one and I’m after something the size of an slr but no additional lens.

    @spinnnout crumpled stuff always seemed a bit naff looking but actually that one looks fairly smart.

    @MementoMori cheers - I like the look of the sling bag

  • I have a nice Think Tank Urban that I'm selling for £40 @AlexD.

    Same as this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00UH421Q0/r­ef=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_ttcSFb6BDY6K7

  • Domke F-5XB is £59, also on my radar but leaning toward the Peak Design sling now..

  • I’ve found Peak Design stuff to be very nice.

  • Hey cheers but that’s a bit larger than wot I’m after.

    Domke do a small sling bag that looks really nice for about £75, which I’d be tempted to stretch the budget too. Peak 3l sling looks pretty good, although I prefer the look of the domke.

  • I've got the Domke F-8, which is fantastic, but more often than not I use a wrap or insert, so I don't have to shlep around two bags.

  • Domke F-5XB

    Colleague of mine had that, and I often borrowed it, later bought the bigger one myself.
    They are great.

    If buying used is an option for you check eBay etc. - if you go for a canvas one they will look worn very soon anyway (still last a lifetime don't worry).

  • I’ve got the 3L and the 10L. I see they’re running a sale now which brings the 3L down to 54 euro. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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