What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • Not just M6, everything Leica has shot up. Apart from the M5, which makes me happy, as after a couple of weeks with mine I'm loving it.

    I think the only Leica M bodies you can get for <£1k now are M5, M4-P and CL.

  • I’d quite like to try and develop some black and white film at home. I’ve heard you can do it in a bag without a darkroom - is this right? What would I need to get to do it? Thanks!

  • You need a tank as it was called similar to a large round tuppaware flask that takes a flywheel (2 wheels) and you load your film onto these. By hand in the bag(dark) your eyes will probable be shut concentrating by now. Then its the usual developer stopper fix wash rinse cycle.

  • I saw this on Kickstarter a while ago and looks like they released them - not necessarily cheap but pretty self contained and saves you going around picking up the bits individually. Might be a good intro depending on your level of experience and of course how much you actually intend to use it. For one roll I wouldn't bother : )

    I haven't used it myself or done any developing in about ten years but I did do a lot and would opt for something that looked nice over a damp, smelly bin bag full of beakers, any day.



  • Lovely, cheers guys!

  • Yeah the M6 were about grand ish for the last 3/4 years but recently they are like 2k it's mental

  • @Ste_S @konastab01

    Yeah, those prices are madness! I mean I'm out the loop but I'm guessing if you have issues down the line they're probably not easy to service or locate parts either.

  • I'm still thinking of buying an M6 mind you....

  • Its an absolute piece of cake. As in if I can do it you won't struggle.

    It's basically a t shirt you put your arms into without the neck part. Use a bottle opener to take the film out and reel it into the cassette.

    Once its on the cassette and into the film dev tank theres a light trap (to stop any light!) so you can take the tank out and work in normal light.

    After that you can follow traditional chem methods or experiment with your own.

    For me it was the scanning that ruined shooting film, I spend all day sat at a desk and didn't really like going through scanning film in.

    Saying that I'm still considering picking up home dev again and actually printing too.

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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