What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • I wouldn't consider the X100 "compact".

  • Hiya mate, not sure if I missed anything but did you manage to get something over? Whatsapp is fine as well, shoot me a DM with your cell if that’s easier.

  • Just thought I’d ask, anyone know if there’s a “standard” to which camera internals are made?

    Only reason I ask is I bought a Contax T (original rangefinder version) a few years ago and the rewind fork was missing
    Camera works flawlessly otherwise and it never really bothered me as I’d just shoot until I couldn’t then rewind it by hand at home.

    The bit coming down from the crank is threaded so was just wondering if it might be possible to source one?


  • Reasonably priced Canon P on Ffordes if you don't mind cleaning a bit of fungus out from the lens. Canon ltm lenses are relatively easy to take apart and clean if you have a lens spanner.


  • I have been very tempted by some of the Canon rangefinders recently as I can not afford nor want a Leica.

    I never knew about this site, so thanks!

  • I can not afford nor want a Leica

    So you'd want one, if you could afford one?

  • Probably not you know.

  • Ffordes are excellent, highly recommended.

  • @Velocio ; when I go to the first page of this thread I get a 'not secure' in the address bar?

  • The inline images that were on the page were http and I've changed them to https.

  • Coolio

  • I've been using my trusty 450D for quite a while now, but its starting to get a bit long in the tooth. Thinking of getting a 750D.

    Will i notice much of an improvment? Or stump up for the 800D? Don't really want to be spending more than 3/400£.

    Ideally like to keep canon as I have a few lenses.

    Any other suggestions?

  • Thought about getting a full frame body instead?

  • Yeah it is something I'd consider, though I've not really investigated it yet. Recommendations?

  • I'd recommend you take a look at what lenses you have and think about if you'd be happy if those were then "true" focal lenghts (so no more multiplying x 1.6 because of the crop sensor). Keeping in mind all EF-S lenses would not be fit for full frame (they only cover the smaller sensor).

    A used 5D mkII can be had for £400 in good condition for example.

  • Heard back from Fuji after 5 weeks. The X-H1 will be replaced, they couldn’t repair apparently. Afraid they were not open to discuss the possible purchase of an XT4 with a discount and them keeping the XH1.

    So I’ll have a new X-H1 and an X-T2 again. Not sure if I’ll keep either of them really. Might sell both an go for the XT4. I do however, very much like the grip of the XH1.

  • Depending on your lenses, I’d save some more money and go for a 7D MKII or a 5DMKIII.

    5DMKII is slow and only offers 9 focus points which frustrated me.

  • Ended up getting a 77D at a very good price. I think I’ll explore full frame further down the line.

    I’ve not really used it yet, but it’s like chalk and cheese over the 450D. All these features!

  • Nice one, congrats & enjoy.

  • Relatively new to this photography malarkey but not new to “here” - a sabbatical was needed to sort my head out about a few things and photography really helped out.

    I’d always been interested in photography as a creative medium, but had never really taken any sort of significant financial plunge into it - n+1 bicycles always seemed to (in)conveniently eat into any budget I’d set aside for camera kit.

    On my return from the Middle East, I took some time out and worked out where I was going in life and built the Porklyn and started to ride bicycles again. I found a job (which I’m still in) for a company that give us £100 a month on a prepaid card for coffees/lunches etc. Given my terminally jangled lifestyle, I managed to mislay this card. I knew it was at home and would pop up at some point so didn’t really give it much thought. When I found it a little under a year later, it had amassed £1000 so I took the opportunity to spend a proportion of it on some camera kit.

    I bought a Canon 750D (which came with a couple of lenses) as well as a Sigma flash and zoom lens and another really short Canon lens.

    I’ve been out and about and photographed all manner of buildings and places since those initial purchases back in 2017 and am genuinely enjoying learning about the various functions available - as well as the techniques needed to get the best out of an albeit basic/entry level but complex-to-me piece of kit.

    Only now am I switching to “M” on the dial in an attempt to learn more about my abilities as well as those of the camera.

    Now, I find a hankering for film and following a few conversations with some of the kids at work who don’t use an iPhone 11 Pro for taking photos, they ALL recommend finding a Canon AE1 to cut my teeth on.

    What does the hive mind here think?

  • who do you work with?!

  • I work in customer service for one of the stores in Old Bond Street, but the rest of the team are mostly under 30

  • I always found moving away from SLRs improved my photography drastically. Moving away from WYSIWYG SLR to a rangefinder puts 'distance' between what you are shooting and what you will get. I have ALWAYS been pleasantly surprised by the results where as with SLR I have mostly been underwhelmed.

    Whats your budget?

  • Well, I don’t want to haemorrhage hundreds into things until I’m confident of my abilities.

    Probably a couple of hundred quid at a push...

    Am I way off the mark?

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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