What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • Is there enough difference to justify two cameras? What about something pocketable like a Ricoh grd?

  • Came home with the F2.8 16-55 today, a mighty lens.

  • Really fancy trying out a Fuji x100. (Always lusted after one)

    I know they're pretty popular on here, anyone thinking of selling?

  • Not really but the xt20 is brand new, don’t feel like crashing it :p

    Anyone know a decent prices for a x100? Saw one in a shop for 350 euro’s.

    Will look at the other suggestions!

  • I'm thinking about selling my x100s and maybe trying an xt1 or 2?

  • Very interesting! Will pm...

  • Ebay handle lefty68 isn’t on-here are they?

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about selling my Bronica ETRSi if someone is looking for some medium format film camera shoot me a message.

  • I had one and can confirm it's a fantastic camera.

  • Sure is. I'm surprised how much "pop" this lens can give despite it only being a 2.8 and max 55. It'll not replace my 16 1.4 or 35 2.0 but it makes for a great travel lens.

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  • Fuji X100V looks quite nice. No need at all to get one, but... it looks quite nice.

  • X-T4 is coming, official announcement end of Feb.

    Just wrote an email to Fuji if they can't give me a break and keep their faulty X-H1 and make me deal on the new X-T4. Never know....

  • Fuji X100V looks quite nice. No need at all to get one, but... it looks quite nice.

    I'll upgrade my F, so if anyone wants a mint, boxed F let me know - you need to offer more than I'll get as a trade in, and not want it posted to North Korea.

  • Does anyone have any advice on getting photo gear valued in London? Considering selling my Rollei Planar 2.8f but there’s such a range of prices out there. I love this camera and have really enjoyed taking pics with it but just can’t afford the film any more, and while it looks lovely on my shelf...

  • look at the prices here: https://apertureuk.com/used-cameras/medi­um-large-format/

    one sold for £1750 .. I imagine you get £1400-1500, maybe they do commission sale like they do for Leica.

    You will definitely get more on ebay.

  • That’s really helpful. Thanks.

  • I am thinking of selling my Lumix Gm-5 as it rarely gets used.

    Has the original lens, a sigma f2 60mm lens, 3 batteries, charger, lil case and the straps.

    Its been well looked after (always lives in a case) and hardly used since I bought it off @amey a few years back.

    Looking for £300 plus postage.

    Ill get some photos tomorrow.

  • Are wex usually ok for online purchases or are they another one of these stores who habitually lie about stock? Just ordered a camera bag that was in stock and they just emailed to say it’s out of stock but that they have just ordered it from their supplier.

  • If only I had the money but alas... Two kids...

  • They're usually good - though I find that if you search for something on Google and it gives you a preview of Wex (Also ProAV and a few other places) the preview invariably says in stock, then you get there and it says out of stock.

    But my experience with them has been good. I also like Harrison if ProAV or CVP don't have what I need.

  • Anyone have any experience with Sumo monitor-recorders?

  • WEX are decent in my experience, they've got a shop in Whitechapel with a lot of kit in it.

  • I’ve literally just walked out of their Whitechapel shop- returning a lens cap that they sent me, which was the wrong one.

  • In that case I’ll trust them to solve the issue and just wait for the bag to arrive.

  • Anyone recommend a good bag for riding with? Would need to hold a camera, a long lens, a standard 50mm lens and a few other bits. Ideally not to bulky.

    Or am I better off getting something like an osprey rucksack and buying a load of inserts?

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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