What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • True, i have had x100 in the past and have xt-20 now and a monochrom, although the leica is digital it feels the least digital thing to use .. i have tried to ‘hack’ the fuji to feel that way (turn off preview and/or display etc) still a bit ‘plastic’.

    And i have lots of leica lenses.

  • Try putting a “Panasonic” sticker over the red dot and see if it still feels luxurious

  • Just grab an xpro 3 set the settings once and never turn the screen around.

    Job done!

  • back when film wasn't soo expensive

    Back in 1998 I think HP5 retail price was about about half an hours average wage. Isn’t it about the same or even cheaper today?

  • Oh shit ppl are reminiscing about 2013 😂

  • Dibs the Pan F bulk roll pls.

  • Still no word on my Pro3

  • Thats shit.

    Not prepared to save a couple hundred quid and get the black one?

  • Where can I send some Sony stuff to get serviced? Based in Devon but in London once or twice a month if needs be as I hate the idea of posting something. Would LCE or somewhere with branches around the country do it? Don't want to spend thousands but could see a couple of hundred being worth it. Currently when I depress the shutter on an A6300 body the frame (looking through the evf) seems to skip around and reframe left/right/up/down etc. After a few photos being taken it says it doesn't recognise the lens and I have to disconnect the lens and reconnect/turn body on-off again to get it to take any more images. Got rid of all my other e mount lenses and don't have any convertors for ef stuff so can't rule out either the body or the lens.

  • I'm intelligent and got a geometric shutter speed meter instead of the older scientific shutter speeds that I need, (1,1/2,1/4,1/8,1/15,1/30,1/60 etc. instead of 1,1/2,1/5,1/10 etc)

    Yours for £30 if it fits your camera haha

    EDIT: That offer stands for anyone else if they want one!

    EDIT2: Ignore all of this, just read Ken Rockwell and it's saying it doesn't matter for shutter speeds as the meters work because leica are clever

  • Slight derail but what do you think is a fair price for a A6300? Thinking to get one for my new job and would be good to get an thorough opinion on it if you get a chance

  • I'd say it depends what you do/intend to do with it.

    I got it as a backup for an AS7 MK2 mainly for video to complement bigger Sony cameras like the FS7 as they share colour science and have UI similarities. It's a bit clunky to operate for video but does ok for simple things. I use it more these days as a smallish point and shoot for family duties - it does a fairly good job here. That said I do plan on getting rid of it once it's serviced and going back to full frame (sold the as7s and FS7 and switched to Blackmagic for video so I'd probably pick up an rx1r MK2 for stills). The quality of the video footage is good for the money though I'd say there may be more recent models that can do certain things better (6400/6500/6600) depending on budget and needs (autofocus/ibis etc).

  • Don’t play with my emotions like that

  • Thanks for that. Would be using it for location scouting type work, maybe some minor videos but mainly stills. Need something small that I could pretty much take everywhere with me, DSLR's are just a bit too big to carry out sometimes.
    For the above do you think its worth investing in the 6400 instead? not sure if its worth the ~£200 extra from what I've read up.

    How much would you be selling the serviced one for if an when you fix it btw?

  • I would say, depending on the lens, even the 6x00 range might be too big unless you're using a case/bag. I keep mine in a cage all the time which adds some weight/bulk and have a 16-70 Zeiss VT on pretty much all the time. It fits in my big coat pocket but the lens is too bulky for my taste as a small camera (hence me looking at the fixed lens rx1r). Not sure what focal range is good for location scouts. When I do a recce I usually just shoot very wide to capture as much as possible (so actually the a6300 with pancake would be ideal) but not sure if you also want particular focal lengths to emulate lenses at super35 (24/35/50/85/100 etc?)

    Re. Cost - no idea really - will make sure it all works first :)

  • X Pro 3 ready to be collected tomorrow, which is nice.

  • Well that's a relief. Finally, I can live again.

  • On my way to collect it now, so your torment is almost at an end.

  • Anyone got experience of Fujifilms gfx series?

  • Worth the wait?

  • Yet to use it for anything other than taking snaps of the cat, seems nicely made.

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  • The focus adjustment on the optical viewfinder is hard to determine when correctly set, with that said.

  • Just caught up with the photography threads. I've got an xt20 but don't want to take it with me on the bike. Reading these threads gave me a hankering for a x100. Worth it? Any better alternatives for smaller hand held cameras?

  • I bought an X70, love it but can be difficult to find one at a sensible price

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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