What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • I have one of those also. They’re simple things. Works fine.

  • After recommendations for a flash.

    Shoe mount, PC Synch, Non-TTL Auto (with a least of couple of aperture settings), range at the highest setting 25ft or greater.
    Don't need bounce and want it to be reasonably compact (smaller than a Vivitar 283).

    Any ideas ?

  • How much smaller?

    I replaced my aging 283s with Nikon SB80DX flashes a while back. Easily picked up for £50 or so, great auto settings and have a built in slave mode which is unbelievably useful for off-camera work

  • Cheers, probably smaller than that though. Difficult to tell without seeing it on the camera.

    It’s for use with a Canon P with its slow sync speed of 1/55s, so I need it not to unbalance the camera. Also will be around my neck for extended periods, so smaller/lighter the better.

    I do have a Nikon SB800, but that unbalances and extends over the rear of the camera a smidge making it awkward to look through the viewfinder.

    I also have access to a Sunpak on a bracket, which I can’t use due to the location of the P’s tripod socket. Not sure I want to be carrying around something like that for extended periods either

    I guess what I’m after is something like the dedicated flashes you used to get for aperture priority cameras in the 80s, but can run a pc sync cable

  • A slow sync and a small flash is great for street type stuff and portraits too. A flash that sits close to lens gives a certain look. Love it or hate it.

    Sunpak Auto 140?
    Really small and light. Uses two AA batteries. Only one aperture A setting though and only really powerful enough to ~ 4 meters at a push.

    I slightly prefer the Fujifilm EFX20 because it recycles quicker and has more precise manual control for fill-in (important when shooting slides). But the EFX20 doesn’t have PC sync I don’t think.

    I have a mint Auto 140 I’d happily drop in the post for you (fiver forum donation welcome).

  • Sunpak Auto 140

    That's pretty much what I'm after, and a very generous offer. I'll drop you a PM

  • Cheers for the suggestions. I'll do some measuring up and decide what looks the best size

  • For reference this is an Olympus t20 on the tiny ME body. Might be around the size youre looking for?

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  • Takes AAs and has this on the front which might be pc sync?

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  • Cheers. I have heard good things about the Oly T20, but I don't think it has pc sync - the port at the front is for power I think

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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