What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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  • Well... It turned out that someone near was selling the 6000 with both kit lenses for £450. So down the rabbit hole I go...

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  • Current new prices here are about £408 with the smaller kit lens.
    To be clear I'm in CANADA.

  • What are Fuji X series bodies like with adapted lenses ? Thinking of picking a second hand body up but I'll be using it with adapted Nikon AI/AIS glass initially

  • Depends on what lens I'd say. The adaptors affect the handling quite much and add length and weight to the lenses. It'd be fine for smaller lenses but I wouldn't use my X-Pro2 without the L-grip when I need the 55mm f1.2
    Manual focus is quite easy with the X-Pro2 but worse than on the A7M3. It may be the resolution or magnification on it but it's way sharper and easier to focus on the Sony. X-T1 viewfinder on the other hand is horrible for focus peaking

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  • Cheers for posting those up.

    Depends on what lens I'd say.

    28 and 35mm lenses. I've a few Mamiya ZE mount lenses that are smaller and lighter than Nikon F mount equivalents, but the adaptor for those is harder to come by.

    Planning on picking up a cheap X mount body to see if I get on with the ergonomics and menus etc before possibly part-ex'ing my digitals to buy into the Fuji system.

  • Have any Ricoh GR owners ever had to replace the body screws? A couple of mine have gone missing, I want to get the exact size replacements.

  • There are rumours that there will be new Mash x Outer Shell camera straps soon!
    They are great for cycling as they have a second strap like the Chrome bags preventing the camera from slipping around

  • This is probably well below the lfgss standard, but if I'm after a cheap, small (to go in the pocket of a cycling jersey), digital camera, what models can anyone recommend?

  • cheapest canons are pretty good

  • Ta. Looked at a Canon ixus 285, bit more than a Sony, but that got some pretty shit reviews, will maybe go for a look at a shop tomorrow.

  • Phone ? As you’re probably taking it with you anyway.

    My iPhone XR is water resistant, survives being dropped (so far...) fits in a jersey pocket and takes good photos

  • My phone is a Nokia 3310!

  • Id say go to a camera shop and try a bunch in your price range. Youll take more/better photos on something that you enjoy using. Most cheap modern digital cameras will be of similar quality but depending on what you have your phone will be able to rival them...
    Edit: ok maybe not that nokia haha

  • Sony RX100. Whichever version is in your budget when you look at second hand prices

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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