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  • This is a thread for all camera gear talk for anyone who's looking to get the right thing or to just talk about gear and technical stuff.

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  • @ObiWomKenobi

    So I sold my X20... looking for a replacement, that should be more portable i.e. fit in a jersey pocket
    Alternatives to Ricoh GR please?

    Would be good to know what you didn't like about the X20 besides the size or what you're after now.

  • Another option is the Fuji x70. APS-C, 28mm FOV, similar size to the Ricoh...

  • really like the look of that... RX100 IV is a little smaller but Fuji sensor wins... RX100 seems more 'portable'

  • Yeah, they're pretty close. The only 'downside' with the Fuji is the lack of a viewfinder but for absolute image quality, it will beat the Sony.

    It's quite expensive too but that's up to you really.

  • I quite fancy a tele lens for the crop camera - makes sense to make the most use of the added reach the small(er) sensor offers.

    Is the 55-250 STM worth a punt @Vesalius?

    Would love something in the 400mm range but the only options are full-blown EF L series white lenses that cost an arm and a leg.

    Does anyone do crop-specific tele primes?

  • I quite fancy a tele lens for the crop camera - makes sense to make the most use of the added reach the small(er) sensor offers.

    Canon 100-300mm EF USM (150-450mm with APS-C crop) ?

  • My dad has one of them. Its definitely not sharp. Also, stabilisation is definitely needed as I'll be using it on a 450D which only goes to ISO 1600 if you're feeling brave. At lower ISOs (100-400), it's stunning so I'd rather keep it at those numbers.

    One option is the 70-200 f4 L IS. Not as ludicrously expensive as the 2.8 version but smaller and still weather-sealed etc. Plus, I'd be able to use it on the 6D, which is a big plus point over any EF-S zoom.

  • Or there's the EF 200mm 2.8 L ii with a tele-converter...

  • Is the 55-250 STM worth a punt @Vesalius?

    For the price, it is awesome.

    I'd love a 100-400mm IS though, or maybe 400mm prime. But $$$ and my casual usage wouldn't justify unless I had money to burn

  • Yeah, exactly this. Would love a nice tele but $$$.

  • The 55-250 is said to be very very good in the latest STM version (new optical design), it has IS and it's = to 400mm on the crop sensor.

    I was going to buy one myself but had also heard good things about the EF 70-210 f3.5, and older lens without IS but it is good for full frame too. I saw a mint one and took a punt on it. Initial results look great.

  • Nice one. I think I might take a punt on the 55-250 STM. It looks very good and is pretty cheap for what it is.

    Plastic mount though...

  • I'm selling a brand new x-pro1 and 35mm if anyone is interested (They're insurance replacements I never used because I was doing the one camera, one lens, one year thing with an x100t). Plus the x-pro1 handgrip I'll throw in for free, also brand new.

    It's a beautiful camera, but as I just said I just haven't used the replacement, so seems a waste if someone doesn't do something with it.

    Edit to add - I haven't checked the eBay price just yet, but basically whatever one in similar condition minus the eBay fee is worth is what I'd be hoping for. Which I imagine is bugger all these days as its a five year old camera. Give me a shout anyway, will update with a real price shortly.

    Picture taken with the one that was stolen (ie, the pre-insurance kit)


  • Camera phone 4 lyfe.

  • Got like 300-400 to drop on a new lens possibly:what would you recommend for street photography ? Canon fit

  • 35mm f2 IS. Best. Lens. Ever.

  • London Photo Gear and Single Speed?

  • My Nikon gear for sellz, based Manchester


  • I had a good look at the Fuji X70, the X100t and the X pro-1 today in Park Cameras on Rathbone Place - very helpful member of staff who took the time to talk to me about the different cameras.

    I have to say that the optical viewfinder does make a big difference to how I perceive the camera - without one the X70 doesn't actually feel like a camera, to me at least - I acknowledge that this may not make any sense to other people of course.

    Looking at the X70 again confirmed that the X100t seems the right choice, although I'm now dithering about the X pro-1, which does add a great deal of flexibility, but at the cost of being a physically larger unit by some margin.

  • might head there to have a peek too... did they have a GR in the shop too?

  • Didn't look, but it's a very well stocked shop.

  • Yeah, the viewfinder makes a big difference in terms of stability - your head is like a big stabiliser so pressing the camera against your face makes a difference.
    That alone is a reason to get an X100 as it is still relatively compact. But the X70 has a wider lens that somewhat mitigates camera shake...

    X pro opens up a big lens selection and viewfinder but as you say, it's big. DSLR big.

    Personally, I find the X100 the perfect size to carry every day but still good enough to use on the job.
    Leaf shutter alone makes it worth it if you use flash a lot.

  • I suppose its not that much bigger

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What camera do I buy? / general gear talk

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