EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Spam...ish

    Made a thing. Don't hate it too much.
    Football can bring us together, especially with Brexit now a strong and scary possibility. But it's still a bit nationalist.

    That's why we need Wangland.

  • It's more emotion than facts judging by a lot of comments.

    A few ppl have reasons such as EU expansion which yes, if that bothers you is a problem. Others really don't like the neocon the EU can be, and therefore want to leave. Wishful thinking, but a reason.

    But there's a lot of "take our country back" sentiments.
    And a lot of "these experts know nothing" anti intellectualism.

    AKA the average voter ;)

  • Professional politicians really should know better, but your lay brexiteer seems to genuinely not grasp the implications of leaving europe and see just how much of a huge economic risk it represents. It's amazing how some misguided nationalism or whatever can completely overwhelm reason.

  • That's pretty slick. I like the idea.

  • wangland? in.

  • Ha, shared.

  • Wanglander: There Can Be Only One.

  • Wangland. I would of called it Englandes

  • before they set about fucking over working people, the disabled, the poor on an industrial scale...

    Are these the working people Cameron and Miliband used to talk about, or working class people?

  • Sold out. :(

  • 'hard working families'.

  • Meanwhile the Labour Party needs to work out how it responds to the views of it's traditional supporters to immigration, because ignorning them has failed.


  • Paul Mason is an idiot.

  • Breaking news: Murdoch rag comes out in support of brexit.

    Pope=catholic, bears=al fresco defecators etc.

  • Other random stuff I've seen; with the dismantling of the welfare state and grants to the third sector being cut, loads of charities supporting those falling through the cracks have been relying heavily on EU funding bids in the absence of UK gov funding. So they will be fuckered too.

  • My niece works for an agency in the North West that lost its funding because of austerity and was saved by EU money. Both her parents and her fiance are pro-Brexit. What has the EU ever done for us?

  • "I believe in the Britain needs inward migration. And right now it should should honour its duty to tens of thousands of refugees. But we have to do something new and significant to rebuild consent for this — because the Brexit referendum has changed the atmosphere."

    Good article. This is exactly it. It's all very well being right, having the moral high ground, but if the electorate disagrees with you, then your morals are worse than useless. Banging the same drum at people who don't agree alienates them further. I'm finding the polls really worrying.

    Oddly, I saw Mason on question time and thought he came across as a bit of a showboating bully, and disagreed with him on almost everything.

  • Cameron should be castigated for putting something as complex and nuanced as Britain's membership of the EU to a referendum

    This is the most important point isn't it? Why the fuck should we get to decide when we know fuck all about it? I don't feel qualified and I done exams in this shit.

  • ^yes. Cameron may see us leave europe simply because he wanted to win the election. What a cunt.

  • He was over confident and didn't understand the dissatisfaction with the ruling elite.

  • Interesting. You could say if he was 'confident' he would have told the electorate that membership of the EU was not up for debate, so go and vote for UKIP if you disagree.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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