EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • I'd say it was more a chance to get the Tories to admit that Brexit's been a shit idea so far.

  • Surely all shipping now goes via N.I so uk is in EU without admitting it? Dover & Folkestone are fucked and N.I. -> Liverpool route gets very busy?

  • Only so much we can produce in NI but there may very well be unchecked goods coming from ROi to NI to GB.

    It's not that many checks are done in GB...

  • At least we've discovered that Sarah Vine is the real victim of Brexit, not the people who have been separated from their loved ones.


    Looks like I can get plants again from GB if I really cannot get them here.

    Medication issues are also addressed.

    Now this is all compromise on the EU side so it's annoying to see it may help the Tories who are responsible for this mess, but that's what it is...

    No word anymore on issues for EU and UK families due to Brexit unless it's extreme. What was this all for...

  • Well, her and Steve “Hardman of Brexit” Baker

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  • As always no contrition. Just wanting someone else to fix a problem.

  • Poor, poor Sir Gavin too, always so deeply misunderstood

  • Please forgive me for causing all this with 0 introspection while I was busy making a mess, it is so sad my career is now suffering, send thoughts and prayers ;)

    Now it is possible people truly regret their choices, if she is willing to personally apologize to people her columns hurt, perhaps...

    But what's the point being mad with people that are clearly unable to reflect on their behaviour, but she's getting paid to stir the pot, Boris got in to get votes, aren't they all in the end just tools for other people's games?

    I never get tired of Gove getting mocked on the song videos though :)

  • Sarah Vine has written so much toxic stuff on so many topics that there is a very long road to any sort of redemption - and plaintively bleating “poor me” following her consistent Brexit related bile over many years isn’t even getting close to that road let alone taking the first fucking step.

    PS I know you are not being sympathetic towards her!

  • Yeah reading she took out "the bell curve" just to provoke a discussion, i mean...seriously...

    She's a troll for hire isn't she? If she didn't write horrible stuff that hurts people I'd feel sorry for her! I don't have to be a shit to pay my bills.

    But it's funny how all those Brexiters cannot accept the old "actions have consequences" adage.

    Sometimes it feels it is like being angry at a slug for eating your Dahlias, I mean what else is it going to do, but at the same time these people cause hurt to many.

  • Must leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

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  • Wasn't this floating about a year or two back? The distiller being anonymous as they were too ashamed to admit to it?

  • And that also they got an EU grant - it was Cornish Rock I believe.

  • I was just pondering this and I can now confirm it's only available in metric volumes.


    A few days to go before EU community funding is lost, with 0 decisions on the granting of the funds of the UK replacement.

    I mean they have been warned about this for years and we may lose community and disability charity funding.

    And the dup of course still refuses to govern, sigh...

  • Some sad and worrying stories on the news about this - support groups etc with no funding.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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