EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Well, facepalm or headdesk I am not sure :)

    Contrast with Aidhan Donnelly from the NI business consortium: "I don't care if they call it the backstop or the pink fluffy bunny stop, we just want solutions".

    Currently, we’re not even implementing Boris’s deal: Tony will love it when all the GB custom checks will come into force...but the growth in hot air being produced might alleviate the energy crisis somewhat if we can put it to good use. Like the biogases produced by rotting waste are something we can use, alas, for hot air we are not yet there ;)

  • I do wonder if "make Brexit work" is a bland enough statement to allow for pushing single market access once labour get in without engaging the loons prior to an election?

  • Probably not. Just think how easily the rags ran with communist fearmongering at the last GE.

    Any angle they can discredit Labour on will be an option and Labour dragging the UK back into the EU will be top of the agenda.

    The only way that won’t work is if public opinion has swung so wildly that rejoining the EU is actually advocated by the DM / Express at which point he tories will probably campaign on being the best party to do that or something.

  • make Brexit work

    Wel it fulfills the three word thingy

  • I really hope they’ll wise up, it’s like asking us to go shopping in Scotland instead of down the road.


    Sumak is conflating "illegal" and legal immigration. Okay...

    Businesses complain home office is a mess. Really?

    Then the head of the CBI says immigrants helped grow the UK economy. FFS you couldn't make this up 😡😂

  • Telegraph:

    It's like the end of Force 10 From Navarone when the dam blows up but is still there then little cracks appear.

  • The tories pushed through the worst possible deal on non binding referendum and we are blaming the remainers for not clearing up the mess that was caused solely by them? Nice try pal.

  • How the fucking fuck are "we" meant to "help make it work"??

  • You have to start exporting twee packets of tea to Australia. Why haven’t you done that already?

  • What about overpriced chutneys and relishes with a bit of gingham fabric over the lid?
    got to be worth a few billion?

  • By believing more?

  • It worked for Tinker Bell so it’s got to be worth a shout.

    Screws eyes up nice and tight

    I believe in Brexit, I believe in Brexit!

    There, has it worked?

  • As Greg Lake (nearly) said (to Brexitters):' The Brexit you get, you deserve!'

  • Having a right song and dance with a customer today. They've been preparing to launch a new business for a couple of years and five days before launch they've been turfed out by their payment processor because none of their bank accounts are within the EU or EEA. Thanks Brexit.

  • Ern, some Remainers flipped to supporting Mays deal.

    How many Brexiters compromised? Not the ERG and DUP or BoJo...

  • They got no warnings before?

  • Also it was made very clear it's taxation with no representation for me as an EU furrin' so "my" country I guess. Of course the Brits in EU countries weren't exactly high on their help list either!

    On top their shitfuckery and crap Brexit deal and no talking to the EU for months with useless NI Secretary Of State means no government in NI as they have no deal and no will to face down the DUP.

  • I left for Spain to reduce the burden on the NHS.

  • Print: Work stuff that ruins a day, log line 1111.........move to next line :)

  • Fuck I didn’t realise that lightbulb headed twerp was actually in charge of something? I bet the fleg-nonces love him.

  • They're about the only ones that do. Krishnan was spot-on about him and even the Tories know it.

  • This is a fucking good question. The fact remains that the EU is still our nearest and biggest market to sell stuff to. If people are just going to continue to act in their own self-interest by growing their businesses then the EU will still be the obvious place that they look to. Therefore "making it work" just means "succeeding despite the huge economic millstone tied round your neck."

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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