EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Labour brexiters

    That probably depends if you're looking at current labour voters or historic labour voters

  • Most labour members / voters were remain, the ones that voted Brexit on TV wanted a more economical left society. I can't see them want more poverty?

    Unless the voters changed a lot in the 2019 GE? I read labour voters didn't vote more than go to conservative party, which some did.

  • 'Lord' Frost's speech in Lisbon is a thing of wonder.

    • Brexit has allowed us to be brilliant against covid.
    • The withdrawal agreement he negotiated, signed and celebrated is, in fact, shit.
      etc, etc...
  • It really is something else.

    They knew full well the unionists here were more likely to vote Brexit (identity reasons as poor nationalists didn't vote Brexit...breaking the English poverty is Brexit trend, yes age is the biggest factor still) and now they are using the unionists again after throwing them under the Brexit bus.

    Chancers. Will be fun next stormont elections to see the unionist parties will no longer hold a majority.

    (I've time for the new UUP but even they don't call out this bollox)

  • I would argue the ‘historic misjudgement’ he mentions is this whole Brexit nonsense that his mate Boris and him signed. Wankers!

    Edit: to add, I’d imagine ‘Frosty’ could well go down as a historic misjudgement.

  • They get surprised when they see the EU does not have their best interest at heart, they quite rightfully protecting Ireland.

  • Don't see this being reported in Germany, I guess nobody in Europe cares about this crap anymore.

  • The Süddeutsche has something on it (paywalled):­irland-johnson-frost-eu-1.5437781

    They generally report this stuff, as, while German media have deteriorated in the last couple of decades, they're still better than the media here.

  • I have a degree of morbid fascination with the idea of a trade war - something which no developed countries have done other than a bit of tit-for-tat between the US and China (beans), and the US and EU (Aircraft leading to whisky and Harleys).

  • I get it. I’m fascinated with a “Mr Gorbachev take down this wall” kinda vibes.

  • I guess nobody in Europe cares about this crap anymore.

    I'm not sure that they ever really did that much. If at all.

  • Some might not care, some might be rejoicing, but most of the continentals I’ve spoken with about this are frustrated about how the Brexit snowball keeps rolling and are sad at the direction the UK is heading. I’d expect it’s a minority who don’t and never cared.

  • I'm not sure that they ever really did that much. If at all.

    A significant number of Europeans really did. The U.K. used to have a reputation for good sense in some areas (and nutty attitudes in others). Just to pick one example, there's long been a significant number of French people living in the U.K. and enjoying career opportunities that were harder to achieve back home.

    On a bigger scale, Britain going blatantly senile has left some EU politicians who used to ally with (the saner) UK politicos more exposed.


    The unflushable turd is back. Since he said NI could sink in the sea as far as he's concerned, I've no love for him.

    Is he doing this to damage Boris? I guess as he did nothing to stop it.

  • Probably diesel.


    This is a really good deal.

    So as others suspect we can't have it, as it would demonstrate how shit the oven ready deal is.

    Also unionist parties....sigh. UUP makes reasonable noises but "this doesn't go far enough". Go cry about it to Boris...he signed up for a trade border.

  • Hopefully the Govt will think the public’s heads are so over-saturated with that problem that they can just accept this new deal and claim it’s a win/not say a thing.

  • Of course they won't - they don't want a deal, they want permanent conflict with the EU.

  • They only take it if they were the one who offer it to the EU, but won’t take it if the EU give it to them.


    Interesting views from UK government negotiator. Looks EU may have made mistakes too.

    Perhaps some EU proposals are also too vague / not as good as reported.

    Still...he's not leading, Frost is.

  • they want permanent conflict with the EU.

    There’s loads of things to fight about that don’t carry such a big risk of getting out of hand. I’m just hoping they’ll take the deal, spin it as a big win for Britannia, and quibble about any of the other problems their brexit has created for us.

    Wouldn’t put a quid behind it, but a man can hope.

  • Thanks for the link.. consistent with commissioner Mairead's comments on C4 news last night..

    Amusing that the various Irish politicos were yesterday speaking on behalf of the NI business community...

  • Ruparel is useful insofar as he shows what the slightly more moderate members of the Tory party think - but he's often a long way away from what less partisan people think.

  • He is not commenting on the fact that Brexit is the cause of increase of bad feelings around the UK union.

    Sure, invoke A16 will please some of the people who feel the union is threatened, but piss off many more who already want to see it go / those who are on the fence bit have to deal with the hassle

  • Strange and they don't need to.

    Businesses have given their own comments in the media.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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