EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Requesting someone to photoshop the Brexit bus at the end of a petrol station queue.

  • Ha ha! Yeah! Gotta be done

  • Poor effort, someone can probably do a much better job than me. It is a struggle to get a good queue image to fit the bus because most of the queues are to the left.

  • Works for me!

  • 5000 HGV visas


  • Aren't we many more drivers short than that?

  • This is apt.

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  • Well, just leaves us with 95,000 ballerinas to find.

  • There was a flower grower on the news saying he might have to ditch his crop as can't recruit pickers, claims he pays £1k/week on average with the best pickers earning £1.8k/week which I found eye opening that he can't fill those vacancies

  • Yeah remember when all the lorry drivers spent last Xmas on the airfield in Kent with people throwing them food over a fence?

  • The Mansfield Trucker Laager, with that Sikh charity being the main reason the drivers didn't go hungry over Christmas - it's the sort of experience that would have me rushing back.

  • That's pretty amazing, is it short term thought?

  • Yes will be 4-6 weeks and the farmer will probably deduct hundreds for lodgings but then you move on to the next farm/ crop, it isn't a career most people would choose but its good pay for hard work. I would happy of done it as a youngster, I remember the adverts in the local paper growing up for going vine harvesting in France/Spain and you got paid naff all but got free wine each night and lodging and it seemed glamorous lol

  • Yeah had I know this when I was younger I’d jump the chance over from earning £800/months in some Wetherspoon.

  • The visas expire at midnight 24/12/21 so if they are here over Xmas we can deport them whilst they are trying to leave.

  • its good pay for hard work

    How's the sick pay and holiday entitlement?

  • The same as any other job that complies with UK employment law requirements I would imagine. Agricultural sick pay is minimum wage and all contracts, even zero hour require you accrue paid holiday for every hour worked.

  • If its anything like grape picking its long, hard and painful work. Well my middle class capitalist pig body thought so in France. Specially the bending over all day and chopping bits of your fingers off then getting not only drunk at lunch but hungover as well.

    Won't be doing that again.

  • if I was someone who was thinking about applying for this visa, I would charge maybe 6 times the market rate and squeeze the fuckers as much as possible

  • The invention of portable music players and earphones has revolutionised this kind of work.

  • Surely you get the recruiting firm to pay the visa costs, the transit, then trouser the signing on bonus and fuck off home again. What do you care about being blacklisted by a UK haulage firm?

  • Exactly they have all the leverage, I think they should use it, maybe instead of 6 times they should charge 20 times, to the point where it might be cheaper for Tesco management staff to drive goods in their Range Rovers. I would genuinely love to see it.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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