EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • We're well and truly into the Trumpian discourse - as long as the people who they hate are unhappy then Tory voters think they're winning, and will ignore their own lives getting smaller, meaner and more expensive.

  • I really struggle to see why Liz Truss polls so well.

  • Maybe they really like cheese?

    I am at a similar loss.

  • She's the only one "delivering Brexit", because the papers that RW types read trumpet each deal as an astonishing triumph, and it's what was promised in the run up to leaving would be a huge benefit to the UK economy.

  • Boris makes them wear a mask, Truss makes them feel vindicated.

  • She signed a deal with Australia that weakens climate protection...all voters of all ages think climate change is a concern.

    But the cons mostly have the media on their side. Not everyone has time to follow everything from different sources.

  • Not everyone has time to follow everything from different sources.

    And a large proportion of the rest don't make the time either. (guilty as charged)

  • So we now have a CO2 shortage and the dilemma is whether to prioritise fizzy drinks or slaughterhouses (CO2 is used to stun animals)...

  • I think the government has just bribed / been lobbied by / been blackmailed by (pick one) CF Industries for them to start up production again.

    Magic money tree, lalalalalalalaa....

  • Will abatttoirs be given a temporary dispensation allowing them to use a sledgehammer, like in the good old days, when we weren't imprisoned if we said Shillings or Ounces?

  • We end up paying for it without seeing the terms and conditions...

  • Sledgehammers are for the little people (you read it here first)


    Paywall unfortunately but BBC news NI doesn't mention the protocol at all... of course we can easily import from ROI if they have it / supply chains exist.

    GB seems very reliant on a few megaproducers.

  • And Johnson also finding out that we are still a minnow as far as USA are concerned and a trade deal with us is way down their list of priorities (especially while the NI situation remains).


    Happy British fish and happy British cats and dogs as well... perhaps the animals are behind Brexit ;)

    Though as fireworks is also bad for air quality this is perhaps a genuine benefit? Though you can just ban fireworks I guess...

  • Though you can just ban fireworks I guess...

    And replace them with thousand of drone that seemed to work quite well.

  • Led drones making light patterns?

    Laser shows are also lovely.

    I suppose one of the appeal of fireworks is that you can do it the risk of deleting fingers and eyes..

  • There is no appeal to fireworks.

  • Though you can just ban fireworks I guess...

    Netherlands has entered the chat.

    Always baffled me that they are illegal for 364.3 days of the year here, meaning that New Years Eve is utter chaos. Like having one night a year where they switch off all the traffic lights.

  • Sound very Swiss!

  • Grew up there, people leave them all over the street and every year people get injured. Having to block letter and postboxes ... Not a model I recommend.

    Northern Ireland has shared fireworks for Halloween etc with free entry and only tiny amounts of gobshites setting off bigger ones during Halloween and new year.

    Sounds much more sensible but every year it's the same in NL. Perhaps they will go eventually...


    Westminster still thinks immigrants want to just roll in, pick food and then feck off.

    "We like EU settled status holders to return to the UK" After all the broken promises?

    But no Phillipino butchers on permanent contracts please says Eustice. Poots may be a dup moron but fair play to him for being suggesting it. But hey are "not skilled" says Toryland.

  • A nation of fruit pickers

  • Johnson has ordered short-term visa's to be granted for lorry drivers, according to an article in the FT - scared by the fuel shortages adding to the wider "where's all the stuff" issue.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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