EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Or...realise that many votes were cast in frustration and didn't expect or truly want the result and do anything that gets us out of this clusterfuck in the least worst way.

  • Your pops is dapper as fuck. Strong letter.

  • I still drift between anger and sadness.. Inconsequential but true

  • No chance we could drop terms like 'urban politics' is there?
    It's got the same built-in prejudice and plain factual inaccuracy as calling everyone who voted for Brexit a racist.
    A bunch of urban people in east London voted for Brexit. A bunch of piss poor Glaswegian voted for remain. The idea that we legitimise or discount a perspective by tracing it to its geographical source sucks arse.

  • You don't get to pick whose votes count.

    It's quite arrogant to suggest it!

  • You're asking me to retrospectively change the view of the 52%?

    Can you suggest a better phrase?

  • I actually thought Glasgow voted to leave.

  • Does anyone else think the streets have been really quiet since Thursday? Fewer cars, fewer people. Or is it just still the football?

  • When I finally leave the bunker, I'll let you know.

  • Sovereignty and control as a shopping trolley and a few plastic bags. And a bottle of White Lightning.

  • Called out, sure. Rocket fuel to the right - Yep.

    But ignoring a referendum is not undemocratic.

  • @TW Boris knows he can't sell that. If he could ... he probably would.

  • Nah. It rained this afternoon, same shitty traffic jams as always.

  • " if… it becomes increasingly clear that it would be disastrous for the country to leave the EU or accept a particular exit deal, it wouldn’t necessarily be undemocratic for Parliament, on a majority vote of its own, to put the breaks on. …that would be more democratic within the UK’s system than most other options."
    quoted from:­/would-a-second-eu-referendum-be-undemoc­ratic/comment-page-1/

  • Does anyone have any contact with the organisers of this Saturday's march?

  • One possible economic benefit is that devaluing the pound makes our exports more attractive, so should drive demand for UK goods and services.

  • But the only goods we make are Shortcake and Argyle Sweaters, both of which are Scottish.

  • @mi7rennie maybe we will get a political realignment in a rump UK that revives a party of the centre left. Additionally, maybe we will get electoral and constitutional reform. Things could be bumpy in he interim though.

  • When I finally leave the bunker, I'll let you know.

    No Will, for you is when you will finally leave your Junker.

  • @mi7rennie on a personal level it has helped reaffirm what matters to me - family, friends and my values. It has also brought home that I need to stand and defend those values and engage - rather than being a cynical bystander. That maybe a short term feeling, but hopefully it will endure and lead to change in how I interact with society.

  • But there are few materials where we are a basic producer,
    and the embedded cost of carbon in the power consumed in all the stages of manufacturing is related to the cost of oil, which is priced in US dollars.

    Might work for services, but then the demands of corporate lawyers and accountants increase because the price of luxury German cars just went up.

  • Devaluation for cost advantage.
    I joined a German firm in 1983. That Summer £ briefly was worth 4 Deutsch Marks.
    The Pound/£ gradually lost value.
    September 1992 Norman Lamont, Chancellor for John Major lost a bet against the markets that Sterling was worth 2.77DM­esday
    Anyone think the UK economy outperformed the German in those 9 years?


    Manufacturing for the construction industry and electronics turns over £170bn
    Plus aerospace, car parts, defence, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals...

  • I fucking love it. The Chaos Monkey has been released.­UWc

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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