EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Sam Seder's show on youtube gets the big brained libertarians calling in quite frequently and every time they start with some kind of statement or greivence like "I don't believe the govt should control who can drive" then it goes down a path of "how do you stop someone harming you with no recourse?" to them admitting they want a bit of oversight but only locally, "how do you define what's local and what's to stop another group just turning up and claiming they're now in charge" to them admitting there should be some kind larger oversight and then basically inventing national government but refusing to admit it.

  • Tony Diver

  • Ride the tiger

  • Gove will be Santa Claus or the Grinch, depending on how well Christmas shopping goes 😁

  • Last time we had ministerial involvement in the nation's food management was WW2.

  • Ration books? At least they'll have blue covers!

  • Gove will be Santa Claus or the Grinch, depending on how well Christmas shopping goes 😁

    That's rather the point I suspect. Put a man whose last name has become synonymous with betrayal into a post where he has to make a success of Brexit, give him a goal of the most emotive holiday of the year to deliver by, and then see what happens. And he can't change the structural factors such as cabotage, permits for drivers, that even if permits were OK'd the drivers don't want to come here, the lack of pickers/packers and so on.

  • 🍿 incoming.

    Though he's so slippery will this really get rid of him?

  • There's a reasonable chunk of those jobs that have open vacancies that take years to train.

    I'm guessing that they didn't start boosting the number of vet / doctor / nurses trained in 2016 when it was apparent that they'd need them.

    In addition, given we're already at full employment they can only be hoping to fill them from the 'economically inactive' sector. I'm also guessing that those people 'who would like a job but aren't looking' are not suddenly going to be able to start work as abbatoir vets and GPs.

  • Given that they may be looking after their children, elderly relatives etc, no - I don’t think so.

  • Last time we had ministerial involvement in the nation's food management was WW2.

    But surely that's the era Brexit voters cum for.

    This food shortage is a positive for them. Part of what they were railing against is all this excessive choice and humus. What is wrong with tinned peas and a potato?

  • M&S Closing most French stores:­2860

    Retailers have been dealing with stock shortages and stock being held up at borders post-Brexit, as well as a chronic shortage of drivers, which hauliers have said is in part due to Brexit.

    Businesses are faced with costs, either through having to pay for warehouses in EU countries and having cash tied up in stock, through wastage if products with a short shelf life are held up at borders, or through gaps on shelves due to supply chain problems.

    "The outlook remains bleak on this front, with the deal signed by UK government tying this country to checks and delays at the borders," Mr Dresser said, adding that this was "baffling" as "we have voted to take back control".

  • We may well have voted to take back control of French customs, but without a significant military adventure that doesn't mean much.

  • Not to infer that the latest closures aren't Brexit related, but they've been closing UK and international stores for the last 5 years .

  • Thought it was all 11 stores, some mention closing the french m&S franchise.

  • True, but they haven't been closing those stores due to brexit related supply chain problems. Unlike these closures.

  • Our local lidl has put up a noticed to say that they may be force to close due to supply issues. They've not had much on the shelves for the last few months and even less in the last few weeks. All the fruit and veg that they have had is pretty poor and most of it unusable, even the non acholic beer has sold out.

    Real pain if that closes

  • even the non acholic beer has sold out

    Don't people have taps?

    My mate asked me yesterday if it was true that Sainsbury's had announced they were shutting all their UK stores for 2 days. Of course they aren't, but people are beginning to believe it could happen.

  • Those remoaners that filled their larders with tinned food are going to have the last laugh... Anyone for a tinned escargot?

  • I have a pro-Brexit friend. He voted remain, but now thinks Brexit is marvellous. He's some sort of venture capital private equity person, and rich. If I say Brexit is a criminal disaster he's got all these numbers about money wasted by Eurocrats, and how all the aggro in the UK with higher prices, empty shelves etc is because of Covid and/or China. He's got so many numbers in his head that I can't keep up. (Actually I have ME so my brane can't keep up with lots of things.) Anyway, he's one of my best friends, so all this is very upsetting. Being rich he's also self-centred and doesn't care about poor people or farmers or fishermen. If he benefits from Brexit, Brexit=good.

  • When are sainsburies et al ever closed for two days in a row?

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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