EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • From memory I think it's 90days in any 180 rather than by half years, quarters or what have you. You will probably need to be able to prove when you got into the EU and when you exited it should you be asked. It always used to be the case on entry into the EU from 3rd party nations; the onus on the person to explain where they've been.

  • I had assumed we would be getting at least stamped with dates in our passports. Stamped in, in The Netherlands stamped out at Croatian border with Serbia for instance. 21 days logged out of your possible 90, please come back soon sir. rushes upstairs Upon looking at my old passport, I have stamps in and out of countries like Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro etc which I got on a road trip in 2015 so...

    That would seem the most basic way, then anyone with a brain/calculator could work it out. I just don't have that much confidence in any governing body of anything.

    I guess, if you are questioned, if you make sure you always get stamped you have the evidence right there and you can use your own calculator/brain to prove you are innocent.

  • I guess it depends on the borders. I've not done land borders to the EU for a LONG time so I guess you might need to ask for a stamp at a border crossing if they don't do one as standard. As I said, from memory of a former colleague, the onus is on you to prove no outstay. In honesty, though, I can't imagine a UK citizen is going to be too badly hassled.

  • You mentioning passport stamps reminded me.

    We had entry and exit stamps when visiting Switzerland recently. Felt really weird.

  • I'm also going to paint my face like Mel Gibson's Braveheart...belt and braces.

  • Ok cool, while I agree thats generally not a good feeling considering what we used to have, it solidifies my theory.

  • Yeah you're getting stamped now, and have the pleasure of waiting in non EU queue.

  • We had entry and exit stamps when visiting Switzerland recently. Felt really weird.

    Same here with Mallorca and Italy. Very weird. Do not like.

  • Going to be expensive needed a new passport so often

  • Just get a 48 pager from the get-go.

    -also slightly golf thread.

  • The NHS text I got said something about "global shortage". Is it global or is this Brexit again?

  • I've not been to the UK for 18 months but it's going to feel odd traveling with two passports. Never HAD to do it before so it all feels a bit sad.

  • Only us, the global part is a lie.

  • Is Brexit purely to blame or an over reliance on JIT across the board?


    UK government decides to keep delaying NI to GB checks. Not sure they agreed that with the EU

  • Is Brexit purely to blame or an over reliance on JIT across the board?

    Depends on what your angle is, really. JIT has broken down, so we have the escalating issues with stock delivery. Why has JIT broken down? Brexit.

    Therefore if we didn't have a huge reliance on modern (JIT) supply chains then the issues we are now facing (removing cabotage, customs border troubles, foreign born workers going home) wouldn't have done the damage that they have.

    But, we did/do have JIT - no modern supermarket (local or standard) has storage, it's all designed to be delivered and run out onto the shelves, sold through and re-ordered from suppliers etc etc.

  • And more questions at immigration.

    Coming back to the UK on an EU passport immigration could not see my settled status on the system, which led to more questions. Luckily I was able to find the settled status confirmation email on my phone.

  • I'm pleased you got in but why would immigration accept an email on your phone as evidence of anything? That could easily be forged or does it have some sort of signed qr code?

  • Why has JIT broken down? Brexit. and maybe...

    • post covid demand spike (eg raw building materials; wood, steel concrete )
    • long term declining HGV job numbers (job conditions, ageing workforce)
    • lack of new drivers due to covid stopping testing
    • tax reform (HMRC)
    • global transport issues (container rates & movement)
    • global manufacturing issues (semiconductors, PPE, vaccines)

    Moving away from JIT is the future. It will need a the modern day consumer to become less of a buyer/capitalist and accept that 4 types of tomatoes on the shelf and non next day delivery on tat from a sweat shop is OK.

  • Customs seem to get a bit funny went entering the EU on an EU passport and then coming back on a UK passport.

    Customs get interesting when they see two passports.

  • They shouldn't. There are lots of people with dual citizenship and lots of parts of the world that require citizens to use their local passport for entry.

    Which can be a problem if you live in country A and want to visit B where you are a citizen but haven't been for decades and so don't have a current passport.

  • Funny. I flew back unto Spain, didn't have my documentation and I was just waved through by the guy. Perhaps he can see on his system im resident. As ever, the UK are arssholes and eu not.

  • Moving away from JIT is our future- and it will, as you say, reduce choice, increase costs and reduce competition whilst driving away inward investment (for example Honda).

    Meanwhile, for the EU nothing has changed.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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