EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • I thought exactly the same (and thought I had posted it as well but I must have just thought it!!)

  • Informative Twitter thread about some of the current supply chain problems faced by U.K. supermarkets. Also full of tantalising snippets on a host of side issues, like how the slow decline and then resurgence of brewing in London significantly affected the stability of Northern Line tunnels.

  • The small amount lower wages will go up won't cover the spiraling prices anyways.

  • Why not increase minimum wage and close loopholes rather than scapegoat furrin's?

    Am happy to pay more tax / more for luxury goods.

    Of course, scapegoating is easy, rebalancing an economy is hard.

  • not happy to pay more tax for a Brexit wasteland.

  • Mrs Y has started looking at part time jobs now Baby Y is hitting 2 and we're sending him off to socialise with the other germ bags... Not seeing those low paid wage increases yet.

  • It's "Newcastle Brown"

    No, no, no, it's Gordon, and this song is my proof.­EaE

  • Here we go..

    "'Golden Brown' works on two levels. It's about heroin and also about a girl." Essentially the lyrics describe how "both provided me with pleasurable times."

  • The question is which one between the two is the right one?

  • with both the spooning can become a bit of a chore after a while. hard to know what to do with your arm when it goes to sleep.

  • You know it never occurred to me that it could be about a woman.

    But then I was introduced to the Stranglers version via this one:


    EU offers ideas to improve access to GB medications once grace period ends.

    UK says no, wants to renegotiate the deal they signed.

    Have we not done this yesterday? It's shitty groundhog Day again.

    Since most of our medication are still GB sources this will be a serious issue if not sorted by the end of this year.

  • A constant “war” with the EU seems to be extremely beneficial for Johnson in terms of polling/votes. It’s therefore in the current admins interests to keep the pot simmering - for the moment. Question is whether at some point the Red Wall and so forth get bored of NI being on the front page.

    I’m afraid only when Tory voters think that the NI situation is either boring and/or a sign of incompetence in government will Johnson have any motivation to resolve things.

    He gives absolutely zero shits about the people of NI, or I.

  • Or, I suppose, concerted US pressure might be applied- it’s clear that Biden sees the EU as a partner and Johnson as a liability.

  • It may get to that. As you are right, Boris doesn't care, English Tory voters are just being egged on to dislike the EU others do, they just want shot of NI.

    Those Tory brexiters can kill, we really cannot get some medication if this isn't resolved.

    It's ridiculous but not unexpected they pretend to care about NI after chucking it under the Brexit bus.

    Now Arlene foster is on GB news saying no border checks are needed, wow, this is some absurd farce and it's not well written, Brexit season 4 ended but now we're in brexit: fallout season 1 ;)

  • He gives absolutely zero shits about the people of NI, or I.

    There’s enough votes in England to the point they only really need to focus on England.

  • Until there are events/efffects on the mainland then to the majority of British voters it's just a "Boris tells EU no way Jose!" headline in the Daily Mail.

  • Yeah, the big questions are what's gonna happen/ what are people gonna think when the IRA start a mainland bombing campaign again?

  • I think the best strategy for the IRA is to do absolutely nothing, no? Johnson and Frost seem to have done more to advance the cause of reunification than anyone else in recent history.

  • He gives absolutely zero shits about the people of NI, or I.

    Normally I wouldn't be a grammar pedant about this kind of thing, but the improper use of "I" instead of "me" makes it sound like you also give zero shits about the people of NI.

    Me am pretty sure this wasn't the intended semantic?

  • I in this case for Ireland

  • That's one way to save on travel costs. Express delivery or just standard 1st class mail?

  • The way things are going, the IRA would be perfectly happy to have the UK cut off NI, no? Think it's the UDA/UVF that the mainland need to be worried about at this point

  • I in this case for Ireland

    Aha! Apologies. I totally missed that.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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