EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • As an blow in I probably see the good side of NI easier?

  • Had to marry a French-Brits to keep my Dutch citizenship.

    Dual is not allowed otherwise cos of tiring bullshit arguments....

    Let's call it the reverse Farage :p

  • It’s likely that you weren’t here during the height of the Troubles - it was bad then. Since things have calmed, the constant reviews and enquires only serve to bring the past back. This drags me down. What future is there for the country if we are always living in the past?

  • That's a fair question. And not an easy one to answer.

    Deprivation among peace walls and the shitty politics and the fecking Nolan show, honest to god, yeah..

    Be interesting to see if DUP / SF lose more next Stormont election.

    One mate lost her brother to a guy who is now a community worker, he never admitted to it. The other cousins to a guy who is now a politician and isn't too sorry about it either.

    Some people have moved on, mates of mine both lost people. But they are from "different" sides and that I think is all not so much an issue as it was.

    Another local guy did time as a revenge killing for his brother, he got out under the GFA. He thinks it's nearly impossible and they should just fight it out (eek) Another nearly got killed by the Shankill butchers but is not bitter.

    Justice in a post conflict society is incredibly hard. It takes decades if at all and of course none of us live forever. I get that some people just left, it is all so slow...

    But the younglings here just want something else, the place has changed, there are lots of grassroots charities and so who knows?

  • Fair points - well made. Decades? I think much longer.
    I was speaking with friends about this last night and we came up with a Final Solution - euthanise everyone over 40 years old and let the young folk get on with it. Failing that severe proposal - anyone over 40 must leave NI - never to return. A less drastic solution and one which probably wouldn’t work.
    There is no answer - the current focus is grass roots / underprivileged / working class families and trying to get them to avoid paramilitaries - this will never work. Education will be another focus. Nothing works when children are brought up in a family environment promoting hatred.
    It’s a grim outlook but then, it’s a grim place.

  • IKR, right? It's humbling stuff. I don't think I could be that brave.

  • Please, please, please, don't reference Nazi terminology jokingly or joke about 'euthanising' people. It's beyond abhorrent, no matter how frustrated you are with the situation in NI or how bitter.

  • r/LeopardsAteMyFace

  • Ok so... the EU offered a temporary aligned with food standards for the UK so that the checks are not as painful, but it seems this got rejected by the UK.

    It is temporary, the UK (well a few people in England really, they no longer ask us anything...) can reject it when needed.

    I don't know what they are at... and things aren't going to get any better now that the UK must implement checks:­reland-57133682

  • Ah now, bar anybody over 40 from Stormont and fines for whataboutery should do it? ;)

    Re education, that is something that surprises me: The UK government keeps going on about it, but when my partner was unemployed (try finding a highly specialised job here...) there wasn't even a re-education loan option from the Brew office.

    And the areas with riots, they don't get good direction of resources perse and people that can afford to move out, move out.

    A colleague of mine lived near one, she said the local party cut cross community funding (and not it wasn't the DUP...) it's a mess but I also think the "middle class" (which isn't a huge house but you know...your 3 bed semi in a non fleggy area of NI) can do more.

  • It’s not worth discussing politicians here - deeply seated views (whether right or wrong) and all the main parties set in the past. Firefighting politics every week - currently it’s ‘will Stormont remain following the election of Poots’. There is no vision of a future from anyone. As time goes on, and I get older, nothing appears to change. Whataboutery is rife - the ONLY upside is the current whataboutery does not include tit for tat murders, as it did in the past.
    Re. Education - I thought training courses were available through the colleges etc for free (ish). I received information last year regarding free courses at a local college - IT and similar type things and I’m currently employed.
    Your point re middle classes is something I had considered - but, perhaps, middle classed and middle aged is closer to the truth. It’s a matter of complete bewilderment to me why the DUP continue to get votes around Ballymena and further north. The only reason can be historic/ family reasons based on I Paisley Snr - how and when will this change. The very unusual situation of losing votes to SF is mad - one extreme to the other and no useful middle ground. To clarify - the middle ground voters are being polarised not DUP votes going to SF or vice versa.
    I still think my mad Original Solution ( not final now) is the only workable option but it’s mad!
    To quote a particularly good song by the Sex Pistols ‘No future’ and that is sad.

  • Good collection of "ha ha" comments on that.


    Ah according to Frost the EU should just accept the UK agriculture standards as equivalent. Sure... 🤣

    Even if I were willing to entertain that thought, Westminster weakened some rules already.

    Funny he's all concerned about NI even though he negotiated the protocol. O.K...

  • the EU should just accept the UK agriculture standards as equivalent.

    Lol. Great idea.

  • Friends of mine got married near Birmingham during the mad cow cull. There was a huge pyre of burning cows on the skyline during their reception.

  • ^ guilty chuckle

  • I found this image distressing

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  • Damn, I do miss horse meat.

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  • 🤣

    EDIT I thought those cows were just being cows, but if that is BSE imagery yeah that is not funny.

    It was on Dutch new... and, well, basically just ultra upsetting, I cannot judge too much as a meat eater, but wow... mass meat farming is just not OK too often, plan is to change to local organic farms once we can fit a big freezer to put it in and obv. swapping to quorn etc. already.

  • Sounds like an Aussie wedding BBQ


    Government committee meeting with loyalist paramilitary umbrella group.

    All those groups are now prescribed and just drug dealers. (Same on the republican side yes inla most likely killed a guy in broad daylight)

    WTF is David Frost doing talking to these arseholes.

    And him and others using the unionists betrayal which -they- are responsible for as the sea border is due to their brexit deal is some level of puss boiling.

    Oh god the poor unionists being cut off, yeah, thanks to you!

    In better news, EU is going to send an angry letter to UK to stop being arses at the border, and the EU citizens rights committee from the UK is also contacting the home office.

    I do hope this can be used by non EU nationals, as the HO border guards have been at this for a long time. So perhaps this gives everyone a bit of leverage.

  • Maybe better posted in Epic WTF? 😁

  • Brexit is an Epic WTF/Fail? :D

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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