EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Sunak

    They would kiss good bye to all those racists in the red wall that voted for them in 2019

  • I only went through those mentioned above. And the grass roots probably wouldn't like him much either for similar reasons. He'll probably go the way of 'The Saj'.

    Someone will probably end up with the job by default, with their strongest trait their not being Gove/Hunt/Patel/Sunak - it does seem to be the Tory way, coming in like May, Major or even Thatcher did.

    As I said, I am acutely aware that I am not I tune with the electorate (let alone the Tory faithful / otherwise). I have been wrong with each of the last three major votes in this damned country!

  • Gove's been in hiding recently as I suspect he knows what was coming, the flat renovations and so on. He's trying to avoid being contaminated, but Hunt has the edge there of being completely off the scene for the whole of the Johnson admin.

    Sunak simply isn't white enough, and he heavily opposed every lockdown which (if there is an enquiry) will be problematic for him. A minor thing next to the race issue that will see him as suitable deputy material but never the PM.

    Patel ditto, plus she's as thick as mince and more obviously deranged than Gove, who is a mendacious fanatic.

    I think Gove is, ultimately, too closely entwined with Brexit, and as the failures of this policy (including maybe losing Scotland) mount up he won't be able to outrun it.

    Then who else have they got- Truss? Maybe, she has a record of success, she's got no obvious skeletons in her closet, but again - the continuing drain of jobs and money overseas due to Brexit may count against her.

  • The one thing that might convince the Scots to stay is to say - look at the mess we've made of the border between NI/GB/ROI. In what way can an independent Scotland that manages to get back into the EU (which appears part of the core SNP argument) ever going to be a good thing now England are a third country?

    Scottish Independence made more sense when we were all in the EU - but now we've gone hard Brexit I can't see how they could ever make it work.

    Perhaps this has been discussed at length in the Independence thread?

  • Truss


  • Is it better to have a seamless border with a misgoverned country of increasingly destitute racist clowns, or a seamless border with ~500M consumers who enjoy a rising standard of living?

  • Nah, I think Sunak is the next PM. Its a great 'tick' to say racism is over, we have a brown PM.

  • I don't get why anyone believes Sunak is a shoo-in for PM. He won't be the first Chancellor to think that keeping your head down crunching numbers at the Treasury eqips or recommends you for No 10. Everyone seems to be chanting it as if it's a done deal, but all he has done is appear to exude confidence in very unusual circumstances by raiding the international money markets.

    However the Tory rank and file fell for Johnson, despite pretty much knowing how he operates, and his lack of grip, and his mendacity, so maybe Sunak will be ushered in by the deluded Tory rank and (elderly) file.

  • yeah, I feel like why fully need to fully plunge into the abyss now.

  • a misgoverned country of increasingly destitute racist clowns

    This sounds like Scotland.

  • Ironically, I couldn't use any public funds as an immigrant (condition of my visa, innit) but since I became British (hahaha fuck right off cobber) I can happily get all up in those hotly contested benefits.


  • Ah yes the lavish £71 a week of universal credit 😁

  • Still, I only need 2 years of that to pay off what my, now useless, British passport cost.

  • Is it better to have a seamless border with a misgoverned country of increasingly destitute racist clowns, or a seamless border with ~500M consumers who enjoy a rising standard of living?

    The latter, obviously. But even if an independent Scotland applied to join the EU there's no guarantee it would be granted. And it certainly wouldn't be a quick process.

  • I used to work in hospitality - of our 52 London sites we had around 5 English workers, each establishment had between 10-30 front of house team members and 5-10 back of house.

    It's going to be very interesting seeing what all the businesses in the sector now do - suffer, I predict. No staff, and if we ever apply the import controls that we are currently delaying, no food and drink either.

  • Bloody immigrants, not coming over here and taking our jobs!

  • And claiming that £71 a week..

  • To spend on... hmm... let's see... British fish! Yes, beautiful British fish. Although, at £71 a week, maybe skip the fish and just get chips.

  • I feel that your citizenship journey to the imperial homeland has been tarnished somewhat.. mind you don't get greasy chip fingers on your new blue passport

  • My new blue Australian passport? I wouldn't dream of it.

    The nurple coloured British one though is being used to prop the fridge up so it drains out the back properly .

  • Getting a bit tired of this. Have noticed a pattern with stuff I've ordered from abroad. Not just from within the EU. The item gets to our border within 24 hours and the just sits at Heathrow for a week.

    I ordered something from the US about ten days ago. It made it to Heathrow in about 17 hours. Still no sign of it.

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  • Probably some immigrant, who's on benefits but also stealing a job, taking the piss and using your package as a bar stool while being paid £50k a year to have 8 kids. Suggests Karen via the Daily Mail forum.

  • Fake news... Punctuation and correct spelling. Daily Fail

  • Who are you shipping with? I just had something FedEx-ed from the US and it was less than 6 days from door to door.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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