EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Issue is that it's within the gift of the UK Government to very significantly mitigate the hardness of the border - but that runs contrary to their interpretation of sovereignty (for e.g. an SPS agreement), so the Unionists can get fucked, in the view of Johnson, Frost, Gove etc. And the Unionists know that.

  • Well,I'm not sure the kids pushed to riot think about it that way.

    Neither does the DUP and the UUP is also not helpful, they criticise the protocol but not Boris over his shit show.

    Alliance / Green etc voting unionists probably do see it this way.

  • I think the UK governments of either flavour would happily get rid of Northern Ireland and reunite Ireland, but the Unionists are a fly in that particular ointment. This may be the way they intend to do it. I mean, who the hell would be British now?

  • As someone on Facebook said: The Unionists are like a beaten dog: The more you beat it, the more it tries to love you.

    Ok not all unionists but aside from Alliance (technically not unionists but take unionists votes) political unionism feels a lot like that.

    No reflection of it that maybe Westminster is the bad guy and Brexit is a "little England" nationalism (not all English nationalism is like that i guess?) but more entrenchment.

    I'd say used this to dump NI is more strategic than I think Boris is capable of ;)

    And May actually tried to keep the UK together but the DUP fucked it up. And if course Boris blocked her at any turn šŸ™„

    Ironically several unionists I spoke to say they don't like England either... "United" kingdom.

  • Ironically several unionists I spoke to say they don't like England either... "United" kingdom.

    Well, makes sense. Ancestrally and culturally they have more in common with Scotland.

  • Also Westminster has been treating NI like non existent / a problem for a long time now.


    Boris Johnson can fuck off as this is part on him. But now he's paying attention. Must be that a bus went on fire, he loves them.

    No mention of drug links in riots, or that the DUP met the unionists paramilitary group board.

    Anyway really unpleasant for people living in that area, nothing you can do but stay in and wake up to a burnt out mess and glass / bricks everywhere.

    Lots of police injured too, they have to be ultra careful here which makes it hard to defend themselves.

  • Again, same as Scotland.

    The problem with NI politics and Westminster is that it doesn't matter who you vote for, they are going to sit on the opposition benches, if they sit at all. It's easy for any UK government to ignore NI votes because of that. Unless that government is headed by John Major or Theresa May.

  • hahaha awesome

  • Comments from DUP in the debate show they are away with the fucking fairies - two tier policing to the detriment of unionists, do not approve of the way these people have expressed their anger. But their fears and concerns are real. Sinn Fein have shown ā€œa barrage of disrespectā€ to Northern Irelandā€™s centenary. Away to fuck.

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  • Yep agreed, and Brexit made it crystal clear Westminster an just ignore Scotland and NI and Wales if it feels like it.

    DUP obviously messed up too / intentionally stoked this cos Themmuns.

  • If that's bad the comments of the TUV fans will be gold...I dare not look.

    Celebrating the UK border in Ireland would never go down well with nationalists, DUP is stoking the divisions ATM. All they have left.

  • Celebrating the UK border in Ireland would never go down well with nationalists,

    I think that counts as classic understatement :)

  • I think that counts as classic understatement :)

    Careful. We don't want to trigger TGR again with understatement in this context.

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  • Moi? šŸ˜ I have no idea what you mean.

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    If it's not the "official" paramilitaries... that leaves drug dealers / old bitter people radicalising young / random let's riot mood?

    Have to wait and see.

    They set a bus shelter on a route I use on fire, cos why not šŸ™„

  • Schools should mostly be back on Monday. It will prove interesting to see of that affects the situation. That and a few cold, wet evenings may make a difference.

  • Anyone posted this yet?

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  • Nicely put. Now, where's that bloody Unicorn I was promised. And a moon onna stick?

  • They'll be available only once remainers have apologised for spoiling Brexit.

  • Gotcha. It's because I didn't really want them enough. My bad.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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