EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Only goes to prove that 'Brexit' is oarsome.

  • Sorry, that was oarful.

  • So thats what the PAX in ROPAX means, the passengers row the boat

  • This is indeed until March but the change is due to reduction in goods traffic on original route.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's permanent or much longer. We shall see.

  • I thought they doing it in preparation already? (France to Ireland).

    Edit; different RORO ferry line.

  • Here’s a tricky one. I preordered a pair of quite expensive Japanese made shoes from a uk webshop. The plan is for them to be sent to me in the EU in a few months. The webshop reckons there will be no change in the cost to me. I don’t agree but also feel a bit bad about cancelling the order, what does everyone think?

  • Did you pay with a credit card / pay pal? I can't see how they can charge you more now without you having the ability to cancel the order and get a refund if they do.

    That said guess what you are worried about is the shoes arriving with a demand for duty and administration fees which the supplier will wash their hands of?

  • If they are sure, I would ask them to agree to cover any extra costs in the event that it does happen.

    (Assuming you've pointed out to them that there's potential import duty and handling fees)

  • I haven’t paid anything yet. But yes I reckon I’ll get hit with a bunch of fees and duties from Swedish customs. You can’t get anything past those guys.

  • I think it depends, if the shoes are coming JP>UK>EU then you will, 100%, have duty plus fees plus tax as there's no way that you get the benefit of the FTA.

    However, if the shoes are going direct JP>EU then you would benefit from the JP-EU FTA, which (IDK) may cover shoes and therefore you'd be ok.

  • At least she was honest. Which for a member of Parliament is a shock in itself.

  • That’s what I think. They are coming via UK. Sucks for the UK retailer 👎

  • In which case there will be charges - however I did find out a few days ago that the charge for watches (per watch) was £0.20, which the government doesn't bother with as it's so small.

    If you look up what the tariff rate is for shoes you can work out what you are going to pay, then add the VAT on that and plus a fee from the courier. There's no way you are avoiding the VAT, as the UK is not in the same VAT area as the EU any more, but you should be able to not pay UK VAT on your order, as you're not in the UK.

    TBF it might work out ok, just as long as you don't pay double (UK VAT plus Swedish VAT), and if the duty on shoes is low.

  • Ok thanks for that.

  • Or they're being nice.
    The company I work for sells to Europe and are paying any additional local tax and duty so that the end customer doesn't see any difference post brexit

  • for anyone wanting some everso slightly out of date shellfish make your way to downing street tomorrow, cause scottish fishermen will be dumping stuff they have been unable to export to europe today, because of redtape and delays, there tomorrow

    i hope they dump some lobsters
    nyom nyom

  • If you allrdy paid for them before brexit? Then u paid for them incl uk vat. If u can get them to reimburse you for that vat once they ship it will likely not be a big difference. If you however cant get them to do that im willing to bet you will be forced to pay vat+duty in whatever eu country you are receiving them in. So that would basicly be like paying double vat.

    I dont think a lot of smaller shops will have a plan for how to proceed on orders like these so i think it will be up to you to make sure the do it correctly till they are used to the process.

    I could be wrong but they got little to gain to be on top of things so why not wait right? Its not them paying double vat. (think shops will adapt once they know how to and realize they have to as eu customers will now think their products are 25% more expensive than they used to be).

  • This amuses me greatly as when I lived in Tokyo I had to import shoes from the UK, since nowhere sold them in my size, (UK 10) and on more than one occasion I was even laughed at for suggesting shoes came in sizes that big.

    Importing anything made of leather into Japan is fucking expensive too, (or at least it was).

  • I was even laughed at for suggesting shoes came in sizes that big.

    This made my day, you wearing size 10 shoes whilst someone else refuses to believe they exist.

  • You can refund the VAT paid to the UK once you have your "bill of lading". We always sell Inc VAT if the customer is sorting their own export, we'll just deliver to the dock.

  • Out of date shellfish though.. straight to Foffa thread risk!

  • Good to see another Brexit dividend is happy fish.

  • A company I freelance for sent a truck full of equipment to Germany in mid December, to be used at an event that was cancelled before the load even came off the trailer.

    They now have to stump up almost a third of a million quid ransom to UK customs to get their truck back, as none of the equipment had been quantified according to carnet regulations that didn’t exist when it left the country in the first place.

    This kind of shit could instantly bury a business...

  • Good to see that it's UK Customs being reasonable, allowing for a soft start and working with business.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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