EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • With breaks and delays in import freight, stocks of tin foil for all these hats must be getting critically low

  • same mentality as the MAGA crowds crying fraud in the US

    That's absolute balls, and I'd hope you'd have the brains to know it.

    What an embarrassing thing to say.

  • How? By your own admission your instinct is to assume dishonesty on this issue based on pre-existing prejudices instead of informing yourself and making your own judgement.
    Seems to be pretty much on all 4s with the Trump crowd’s approach in the US.

  • Get fucked you twat, is about as polite as I think you deserve me to be to you.

    Johnson has been sacked for lying twice, was employed by the Telegraph to tell lies, and is well known for lying.

    You’re clearly very stupid, but maybe you notice a theme?

  • Multiple strong pieces of medical evidence show he’s not lying this time. It is as serious as they’re reporting, and people who don’t act like it is are putting themselves and those close to them at greater risk.

  • These are serious issues and I’m simply suggesting we should perhaps raise the level of the debate. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.
    It’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf...I’m not suggesting that the boy wasn’t wrong to lie. I’m not suggesting that the village folk should have believed everything he said. I’m simply saying that if the villagers had exercised a degree of informed judgement they might not have ended up eaten by the wolf.

  • That he is a cunt and liar is known but this is bigger than that. There would be some kind of
    pushback from scientists if this was just made up for local effect. Did he also make up the
    South African strain?

  • Come on, you don't think the scientists are politically astute enough to know they have to play the game, to get the end result they want/we need?

    In this case i don't think anyone is doubting there is a different strain, however allowing an exaggeration on the virility that is easily rowed back from later, in order to get a concession for the stricter restrictions required from this shit show of a government is not a stretch.

  • So which part is made up? That the virus is easier to transmit, that it was found in 60% of new cases in London? How did they get this guy in Switzerland to spread Johnsons lies:­zin/corona-mutationen-das-virus-hat-sich­-an-den-menschen-angepasst-a-ea36d69c-1c­82-43a4-bfd3-1f85599ae4a9

  • He's part of the global Johnsonite conspiracy too. Isn't it obvious?

    I love the idea that this Government is sufficiently competent to come up with any half decent conspiracy, let alone implement it. It flies in the face of all the available evidence.

  • I don't think he's saying there's a conspiracy, it's more than likely they've sat on a bit of info and released it at the right time to wave enough bits of cat around to make what's happening work for the problem they were having at that time though, like having to "cancel Christmas". They're not astute enough to think more than one problem ahead at a time though so have now shot through all the holes in their feet again and the border from France has been shut. They're like first time surfers who have managed to catch a wave but are struggling to stay upright, one lucky balancing act at a time, but the wave is made of shit and is heading towards the edge of the flat earth, and something's on fire.

  • We all knew Covid and Brexit in combination was going to amplify the impact of each, but it's stunning to watch how much the lack of trust in Johnson's handling of one has multiplied the lack of trust in him handling the other. Meanwhile, he seems to have no idea of the scale at which he has fucked up.

  • Bit french.

  • So, Eu countries can close their borders, who knew....

    So is it worth posting the the photos of the vehicle tailback from dover or the Kent is now a toilet.

  • Labour is dead, untill murdock decides

  • I love a crisis me. Just waiting for EDF parent company to switch off our electricity supply and we end up with a three day week. Then concrete infill of the channel tunnel..

  • it's more than likely they've sat on a bit of info and released it at the right time

    Still demonstrates a degree of foresight, planning and strategic awareness which is utterly out of character.

    I can entirely believe they went 'thank fuck for that' when the news about the increased infectivity of the new strain came through, as it gave them an excuse to do what they were going to have to do all along. But any degree of competence beyond a low level of basic grubby mendacity and opportunism seems highly unlikely.

    In other news, Niece #1 has just tested positive. Weirdly, no.s 2 and 4 haven't, despite the fact they live in the same house.

  • Please share these multiple strong pieces of medical evidence.


    for starters. Detailed analysis of the genome of the new varient and an analysis on their effect on transmissibility due to increased ACE receptor binding and enhanced reactivity to the furin protease. Reckon BoJo the Clown and Hancock are bright enough to make all that up?

  • After Brexit those fur(r)ins won’t be allowed in.

  • I arrived in France on the 19th, what are my chances of claiming asylum?

  • "Under such circumstances, the evolutionary dynamics of and selective pressures upon the intra-patient virus population are expected to be very different to those experienced in typical infection. First, selection from natural immune responses in immune-deficient/suppressed patients will be weak or absent. Second, the selection arising from antibody therapy may be strong due to high antibody concentrations. Third, if antibody therapy is administered after many weeks of chronic infection, the virus population may be unusually large and genetically diverse at the time that antibody-mediated selective pressure is applied, creating suitable circumstances for the rapid fixation of multiple virus genetic changes through direct selection and genetic hitchhiking.
    These considerations lead us to hypothesise that the unusual genetic divergence of lineage B.1.1.7 may have resulted, at least in part, from virus evolution with a chronically-infected individual. Although such infections are rare, and onward transmission from them presumably even rarer, they are not improbable given the ongoing large number of new infections.
    Although we speculate here that chronic infection played a role in the origins of the B.1.1.7 variant, this remains a hypothesis and we cannot yet infer the precise nature of this event."

    Is this enough to enhance the emergency powers under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984?

  • Is this enough to enhance the emergency powers under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984?

    They're fully engaged by vanilla Covid, so not without amending legislation, no.

    ETA: They're pretty broad already...

    ' the Secretary of State may, as respects the whole or any part of England and Wales, including coastal waters, make regulations—
    (a)with a view to the treatment of persons affected with any epidemic, endemic or infectious disease and for preventing the spread of such diseases'

    Nothing to limit what those regulations can be as far as I can see.

  • @NicolaSturgeon: It’s now imperative that PM seeks an agreement to extend the Brexit transition period. The new Covid strain - & the various implications of it - means we face a profoundly serious situation, & it demands our 100% attention. It would be unconscionable to compound it with Brexit.

    Sounds sensible, so of course it'll never happen.

  • Work calls.. Ironically brexit planning! Will respond later.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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