EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Are they perm?

    I guess I could ask HR.

  • 'Dos cervezas, y donde esta los servicios?'

    Job done.

  • ‘están’, as ‘servicios’ is plural 😉

  • We’ve didn’t vote Brexit for you cunts to come in here speaking foreign. Do one.

  • Exactly, but on your way out can you get a couple of beers and ask where the bogs are?

  • Oh. Duncey hat for me again. I'll go find a corner to sit in.

  • While I have both those beers...

  • This set of entries have been one of the clearest explanations of how to do it - clearer than I could have done. Thanks for putting the time in to spell it all out.

  • No problem. To be honest, it was fun remembering all the steps we had to go through.

    The most frustrating part was paying for the NIE number application, as you need to pay at a bank and get a form stamped before going to the police station. We visited seven banks that all asked what my NIE was before they could accept the payment, (we eventually were successful at Banco Sabadell).

  • Gotta love those Kafkaesque Catch 22 situations - you have to pay for your NIE number, but you can't make payments without an NIE number. Splendid!

  • We had a similar Catch-22 when moving to Germany this spring, we needed a tax ID to sign the employment contract, but you need to have registered address for a tax ID, and for renting a flat you can register at you need a signed contract.

  • Once (that's the biggest number I know) cervezas por favour y donde esta el bano?

  • "We’ve didn’t"

    Go back to where you fucking came from, forrun!

  • Yeah, thanks again @beseku. I've got the other posts you made on this saved for reference.

    I really don't think I'm going to be able to do much before Dec 31 so I might just suck it up and see what Breshit leaves us with. It's the flux of rules and shit that I can't be dealing with right now. Then again, if I did go to Spain in Sep to race Badlands maybe I could look at starting something up, like bank acc. etc.

  • So, you can sorta buy residency in Spain, while this non millionaire sucker has had to do the full living whack in the UK :)

    Filling out the UK citizenship form: Can we haz your P60s? Lads/ladies/ are part of the government, if YOU don't know, then...who does? :')


    "EU citizens will be deported for minor offences under Priti Patel’s post-Brexit immigration crackdown, despite having permission to stay, a leading lawyer has warned.

    Rules that allow foreign offenders to be expelled only if they represent a threat to the UK will be beefed up to target persistent pickpockets and shoplifters, from January.

    Crucially, the home secretary announced the change would apply to the 3 million-plus EU citizens in the UK in the process of being awarded settled status, which supposedly guarantees their right to stay."

    In the Windrush generation this has caused a lot of misery, as small crimes are often committed by people that are already in a bad situation, they may have family/mental health issues etc. leading to families being split up and kids being deported to a place where they don't know the language.

    And now they are applying this retrospectively to EUSS. I doesn't surprise me, sadly, but it's pretty shit nonethless.

  • My somewhat limited knowledge is this.

    1. As a spouse or civil partner of a EU citizens you can apply for a work permit in Spain which will allow you to live and work there year round. This should be straightforward enough.
    2. If you exceed 183 days a year you’re a tax citizen of Spain
    3. The non resident tax rate is capped at 24% for the first 6 years up to €600k pa which should be less or the same as you pay in the UK.
    4. Colleagues of mine on UK payroll got their gross wages transferred in full and declared that income in Spain as their earnings, hire an English speaking gestor to do all your IRPF and deductions and Bob’s your uncle.
    5. If you get private healthcare through work than you should typically be covered if not get one locally, prices are reasonable (from €30pm approx)
    6. Get a gestor, they’ll make your life a lot easier and help you save some cash typically.
  • Yeah, I knew about the passport buying thing. That's more aimed at rich oil sheiks and drug barons from the China, etc. I can't afford that kind of cash money. I do have options though, unlike a lot of the poor saps that voted for this mess.

  • Thanks for the info. That sounds pretty straightforward.


    This doesn't bode well.

  • Cha people w/o options can be tricked thinking that "nothing changes" cos from no job/hope to no job/hope is indeed, no change, but hey: You won...something?

    Still interesting that Spain has a relatively simple option. Well, hope it works out.

    With a bit of luck I'll end up with dual black,blue, whatever/red passport and can say "Be gone gammon, thy hold no power over me!"

  • MPs voted away their right on oversight on trade deals, em OK?

    What about "take back control"? That wasn't for us, but for Cummings/USA and EU trade negotiators?

    It's almost as if ALL the warnings are coming true :/

  • MPs voted away their right on oversight on trade deals, em OK?

    Give them a break - Trade deals are complicated, dry reading, and don;t get them votes.

  • The non resident tax rate is capped at 24% for the first 6 years up to €600k pa which should be less or the same as you pay in the UK.

    This would be a very significant saving for some people.

  • But easiest trade deals ever! ;)

    It means that when their constituents ask them "So what trade deal did you sign, what does that mean for my job" they won't know until 5 years after. So it does leave them exposed once the inevitable no-deal or "sell NHS to usa" deal hits.

    Very shorttermist if you really want to be in politics to help your area, perhaps the new Tories are are new and super naive.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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