EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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  • Better, but still might get the taxman sniffing around. Reminds me of the Private Eye cartoon with a father with his arm over his son's shoulder, looking out over the rolling countryside saying "One day, son, all this will be in your wife's name".

    Or, if you're Philip Green, owned by your wife's Monaco-based trust fund.

  • You could move to Luxembourg. Learn the language and after 5 years you can get a passport.

  • So thats it then, tonight the door closes

  • What’s the most demonstrative and conspicuously expensive route to an EU passport?


  • Is that literally what he said? As the video is next to useless for me.

  • I can't listen to him or any of them. It makes me physically angry to my core

  • there's a good agreement to be reached, but obviously if we can't then we will have the very good option also of an Australian style arrangement


    And still no clarity around GB <> Ni goods checks, so the agriculture minister refuses to ask for planning for space as he doesn't know what he needs to ask for exactly.

    Also... those Brexiters being happy with outside EU immigration/HK citizenship offers (totally agree with that) because "those people will integrate and work hard"

    Yeah all us EU immigrants sit on our holes unable to speak a word of is amazing how they just want "control" so they can judge people, but they've no idea that is what it is about.

  • And still no clarity around GB <> Ni goods checks...

    There’s been no clarity to anything from the government and we’re now 6 months away to the end of the EU transition period.

  • The gaslighting of using Australian style arrangement in place of no deal really boils my piss.

  • Some on Twitter quipped "Just call it Pakistan style is equally true, then watch how people will react"

  • Yep, this has been going on for a while. Obviously the optics were bad for No Deal. The media calling them out on it seems minimal though.

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EU referendum, brexit and the aftermath

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